A Not-So-Cool Fashion Trend – Would You Wear It?

As I sit here writing this blog after reading numerous pieces on one of the “It” trends of the moment, I’m reminiscing about New Zealand, where the weather is currently warm and glorious.

No matter where you are in the world, it’s always going to be summer somewhere…I guess that’s a way of putting more of a positive spin on it. Dreaming of the sun, it’s not a bad thing, and I know I’m certainly not the only one.

This could explain why the catwalks have recently been inundated with pretty frilly (summer) dresses despite it being winter and freezing cold. If you live in chillier climes or it’s winter where you are, simply throw on an oversized cardigan, a pair of fashionable working boots and voila, you’ve got yourself a cool boho look that wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of NYC.

Go Boho Chic in winter with a feminine summer dress teamed with an oversized chunky knit cardigan, statement bangles and a vintage leather satchel.

Actually this isn’t the look that’s got me scratching my head.I too have been known to throw together a mish-mash of summer and winter clothes to create more of a relaxed carefree look in the cooler months.

My curiosity lies in Céline’s latest collection. The collection boasts enviable thick black woollen bouclé coats, practical and well-cut trench coats, relaxed oversized boyfriend shirts, tailored woollen trousers for women with…wait for it…strappy summer sandals.

Erm, yes! You’ve read correctly. Strappy summer sandals in winter! Not only did they feature one pair of these open toed winter sandals in their latest show, they showcased their entire collection (a whopping 36 pairs to be exact). In fact, Céline’s sandals outnumbered their regular fashionable winter shoes 36:6.

Céline’s clientele is likely to be traveling to faraway exotic places, perhaps to St. Bart’s, Goa, Hawaii, The Cook Islands or Fiji. But of course there are those of us who won’t be. Instead, like me, they’ll be stuck in their European offices staring out the windows into a midst of fog and grey dreaming of warmer destinations.

But why should those more unfortunate ladies that are stuck in drizzle miss out? That’s what Céline’s reasoning is!

This is exactly why Céline has taken it upon itself to create a new fashion trend for Winter 2016 – strappy sandals with socks and thick winter woollen leggings – a look I blatantly used to make fun of (and still do to be fair).

Socks and sandals in winter are featuring on runways this season.

Céline’s designers have been known for predicting future fashion trends, but is this a fashion trend that’s possibly been taken too far? Is it too fashion forward, even for Céline?

Edgy, certainly, cool, I’m not quite sure.

Sandals in winter…I’m not convinced, but then stranger things have happened this week.

What’s your opinion? Would you wear sandals with socks in winter?


4 thoughts on “A Not-So-Cool Fashion Trend – Would You Wear It?

  1. Absolutely not!! My husband has been wearing socks with sandals/men’s flip-flops for years (it’s a South African thing), and I won’t be seen dead with him!!! It’s an awful look


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