Winter Coats for the Winter Goddess

I’m going to be honest with you. I can’t stand the cold, but I do love winter clothes – an oxymoron, I know!

If you asked me to name my favourite winter outfit, I’d be hard pressed. But when it comes to the ultimate winter item, the coat takes the cake (which I also love, more so in winter).

For all you fellow winter coat lovers, you’re in for a treat this season. There’s seriously a plethora of lush winter coat choices to indulge in. So, if you’re looking to keep that biting cold at bay, make sure you have one of these must-have winter coats.

The Maxi Coat

 Forget about maxi skirts and dresses, this season it’s all about the winter maxi coat. Wrap up in elegance and wow with a shin-length coat that sweeps the floor. This season the maxi coat has featured on a number of runways, but it’s most certainly a winter trend that has taken off. It doesn’t matter if you go for the classic camel look or a pastel pink, this is one coat that’s bound to cause a statement this winter.


Being the naughty shopper I am, I’ve just indulged in this fabulously beautiful winter maxi coat from New Look (New Look, I’m going to start charging you commission soon).

The Puffer Coat

 There’s no other time of the year when you can get away with resembling a marshmallow. The puffer coat, no matter what year or decade is, is a stayer. The unpredictable British weather means it’s almost necessary everyone invests in a stylish plush puffer coat. Shapeless it may be, but this androgynous look is a huge hit this season.



Another New Look fav, this puffer coat is on my Christmas wish list.

The Parka

Boyish and cute, I’ve never really considered buying a parka before. It’s a winter coat I connect with my childhood. But there’s no doubt about it, the winter parka is out in force, and both the High Street and the Catwalk have showcased some real showstoppers this season.


I’m all over this Eskimo hood parka from John Lewis. Not too bulky, a neutral colour, and the ability to team it with anything, what more could you want from a practical winter coat?

The Military Coat

It’s time to stand to attention ladies because the double-breasted military coat is back. Elegant in its silhouette, the traditional ladies’ military coat made out of a woolen blend is tailored to flatter all shapes and sizes. The epaulette-like shoulder details also add a nice touch. When it comes to colour, navy, grey and khaki are the winter feminine colours of the season.


How adorable is this classic double-breasted military coat from Monsoon? Show them you mean business with this ultimate winter statement coat.

The Faux Fur Coat

 I’m sorry, but if you wear real fur, you’re just a you-know-what! Fur, for centuries has been a mark of class and wealth, but these days, everyone’s faking it. Add a little bit of sexy luxe appeal to your winter wardrobe with this winter winner. Day or night, the faux fur winter coat is bound to make heads turn. I’m thinking about teaming it with a LBD for Christmas – it’s a way to achieve my winter party style goals all in one!


You can always count on Vero Moda to bring out some hot and affordable winter clothes, and this stylish faux fur coat in blush is no exception.

The Leopard Print Coat

Back in the day, my fashion forward girlfriend CC owned a lust worthy leopard print coat. Keep it fierce and make a bold statement this winter and get on board with this awesome winter look. Favoured by one of my all time top models Kate Moss, it’s time to bring out your wild side. Keep make up minimal with look-at-me red lips, and you’ll soon earn your fashion badge of honour. It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll baby!


Kill two birds with one stone and wear two 2016 winter trends at once with this ever-so-cheap New Look leopard faux fur coat – it’s wild!


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