From the Vines…

Wow, what a busy week! It’s been full of work, writing, shopping, theatre shows, and dining out…I just love the buildup to Christmas. But before we can even reach fever pitch excitement, our American (and Canadian) friends and family are preparing for their annual 2016 Thanksgiving meal.

It’s definitely a time to reflect and be grateful, and I for one have a lot to be thankful for, namely my friends and family. So, even though I won’t be celebrating a 2016 Thanksgiving dinner, I still believe that it’s worthy of a mention.

In saying this, you must check out some Thanksgiving wine pairing suggestions, and later on in the week, if you’re in the US, and want to escape the hustle and bustle, check out my upcoming suggestions on where to head for a quick Thanksgiving getaway.

In fashion news, I’ve recently discovered Freddy’s Jeans. With such jeans, there’s no need for butt lifts and lipo, these are perhaps the most flattering pants I’ve ever come across (review later on in the week), and I’m sure my friends, who I know have already snapped up a pair or three, would wholly agree with me.

Well, it looks to be another hectic week, so till next time…

Happy Thanksgiving! xox


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