A ‘For-now’ Parisian Fashion Staple

Fashion trends almost always win. You concede; on a whim you snap up one of the ‘now’ pieces only to find that it’s gone out of fashion a few days later. This all happens before you even get the chance to wear it.

This was the case with my faded denim jacket, which by the way is still hanging neatly in my wardrobe with its tags still on. My fashionable denim jacket doesn’t sit alone; she’s joined by a multitude of other once on-trend fashion bits that didn’t quite make the cut, because by the time I finally got round to pulling them out and de-tagging them, they were nowhere to be seen on the streets.

Thank God fashion comes in roundabouts…

You can imagine my delight when I recently flicked through a French Vogue to see that one of the must-have French-girl style bits is the said denim jacket. It’s literally done a 360-degree turn in the fashion realms, or perhaps it never really did go out of fashion in Paris. Parisians have always had their own rules when it comes to fashion. Instead of following the trend, they create their own – there are no rules and that’s the way I like to play.

There are so many ways to perfect that so-called je ne sais quoi look, I’m really excited to get it out, dust if off and take it for an adventure about town.

There’s a reason why Parisian chic is a constant player in the fashion world. They love effortless style, and it would seem that the ‘reworked’ denim jacket is up there – it’s a foundation piece at its best!

Do it with double denim and a cute vintage inspired clutch. 
Punk glam is not glam without an 80’s style denim jacket.
Who said double denim was just for the ladies? This Parisian guy is rocking it!
A vintage dream, this Parisian knows how to wear a reworked denim jacket.
When you know you’ve got it right!
In Paris it’s all about creating your own style. 

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