What to Pack – the Bali Guide

I went to Bali and fell in love, not with a local Balinese (however that would have been nice as well), but with the country. For the last few months I’ve been secretly (okay okay, I’ve been quite vocal about it) plotting how to live in Bali location free – that’s the dream!

There’s something special about Bali. There’s a magnetic force that’s pulling me back. I’m not sure what it is exactly. Is it the Bali island life? The laid-back ways? The friendly Balinese? The gorgeous Indonesian food? It is probably a mix of everything, but I do love island life.

What I did learn about my love affair with Bali was to keep packing for Bali to a bare minimal. Because of the high year-round humidity (my hair in photos evidences this), dress lightly and comfortably. And, the shops and Bali boutiques are amazing, so leave plenty of room for those ‘souvenirs’. Here are a few tips on what you should wear in Bali. Obviously, this is not limited to just Bali, it’s going to work in all tropical destinations.

Mix & Match Bikinis for the Bali Beach

Bali is paradise when it comes to the beach. Other than the parties and Balinese spa treatments, the Bali beach is the first reason why people visit Bali. You’re constantly going to be surrounded by the sea. This will be you, day in day out, unless of course you make the occasional trip inland and visit the equally stunning region of Ubud. And if you’ve taken the opportunity to rent a luxury villa in Bali for a fraction of the cost you’d pay anywhere else in the world, you’ll also be in and out of your private villa’s pool.

The laid-back cool atmosphere of Bali calls for some cool mix & match bikinis. Strapless and bandeau tops will save you from those God awful tan lines and they look smashing teamed with a pair of high-waisted pants.

Floaty Dresses and Hats, Oh My!

Barefoot dreams and white floaty dresses…I’d always wear this if I could. There’s something so liberating about donning a light maxi dress, especially when immersed among such lush surroundings – irresistible!

Dresses should make up the majority of your travel wardrobe when traveling to places like Bali. Light, loose and comfortable is the way it should be. There’s nothing more unattractive and uncomfortable than sweaty clothes!

Playsuits don’t seem to be going anywhere this season, and they’re also the perfect little outfit for Bali, and oh-so-easy to dress up or down! The only issue with playsuits anywhere is going to the bathroom, but I’m usually willing to forget about that in name of fashion.

As far as accessories in Bali go, a sunhat is a must. Not only are they trendy, a good sunhat offers that necessary protection, and Bali is hot hot hot!

A decent tote or beach bag is also necessary. Make sure it’s sturdy with comfy straps. A scarf is also a good idea. It works wonders as an extra cover up, a head scarf or when visiting the Balinese temples, a respectful way of covering bare shoulders.

Cover Up with a Kaftan

Kaftans are ideal for staying protected from the sun. They’re also stylish and featuring more and more on the runways. The right kaftan could also act as a casual outfit too, basically, you’ll soon discover that beach chic is ubiquitous in Bali.

Keep it Fresh

Make sure your clothes are made out of breathable materials, which is why you should avoid anything synthetic. Natural cotton and linens feel lovely on the skin and are also really comfortable. Whites, natural colours, beige, and pastel colours will always win, and they’ll complement your beautiful Bali tan. Bright colours are just as fun, and I do love black, which albeit is not as appropriate for hot weather, but a girl always looks great in black!

Keep is simple during the day and glam it up at night with a cute summery cocktail outfit for those trendy Bali clubs and restaurants or perhaps that romantic cliff-side Bali meal.

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