Get an Instant Butt Lift with Freddy

Freddy…the name may have randomly (or not so randomly) popped up in conversation if you’ve been talking to me recently. And before you ask, no I don’t have a new man in my life (yet).

Freddy’s actually refers to a brand that specializes in jeans, leggings and active wear. My Facebook news-feed has been inundated with the name and my friends have been furiously whispering about it, so I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Lift your butt! Accentuate your curves! Suck it all in! These were just a few of the said ‘promises’ that a pair of Freddy’s would do.


Er, yes please!

What girl doesn’t want a bit of a nip, tuck and lift around the glutes without having to go under the knife? Despite my endless squats at the gym, pounding the pavement every day and that dreaded step machine, I’m still not there, and probably still far from it, which is why the sweet assurances from Freddy’s were oh-so appealing.

As luck would have it my friend Nicole from Left Bank Six stocks Freddy’s. Before the first batch had even arrived, she had had a waiting list of eager women around the country and further afar wanting a pair or two of Freddy’s.

Matte black, yes please. Within one day of ordering from Left Bank Six, my new Freddy leggings with an amazing 6-way stretch were on the way.

So, what’s the big deal? Why does almost every woman want to get their hands on a pair of Freddy’s? Why are they so coveted?


Why are Freddy Jeans/Leggings so Hot?

Let’s get one thing straight. Leggings and jeggings aren’t just for the super skinny supermodels with legs for miles. You don’t need to be Cara, Giselle or Miranda to pull off leggings. But even still it doesn’t stop mere mortals (with curves) like myself shying away from these ‘stretchy’ ‘unflattering’ and once ‘scary’ pants.

Ladies, imagine owning a pair of pants that really do lift your butts. Imagine not having to squeeze yourself into them (too much). In all seriousness, I think all my pant dreams have come true thanks to the Freddy WR.UP Shaping Effect jeans. I kid you not, Freddy Jeans and Leggings are like the bra, but for butts.


What are Freddy Jeans?


If you haven’t heard of them, you’re excused. To be honest, I hadn’t either. But once I tried on my first pair, I was hooked, which is why I felt compelled to research and review Freddy Jeans. I just had to share my new image-altering life-changing clothes.

These beauties are Italian designed and made (part of the reason why they’re probably so good). The brand Freddy includes a variety of garments, which are mostly casual/leisure wear for men, women and kids.

That aside, its biggest feat was its WR.UP® technology. This body-altering technology is used in a number of products including Freddy skinny jeans, flares, straight legged jeans, capri pants, and shorts.

Freddy pants were no accident. They came from a lot of careful research, and as a result, they feature exclusive patents such as a silicon strip in the belt for that extra necessary (in my case) support and a silicon membrane inserted into the hip/thigh/butt areas to create an enviable shaping and “push-up” effect, hence the nickname “butt bra”!

Feminine, yes! Comfortable, yes! Sexy, hell yes! Seriously what more could you want in a pair of pants?

Ladies, if you don’t already own a pair, get yours now! These babies are definitely worth the investment, so much so, I’ve just gone and ordered my second pair just in time for Christmas – faux leather Freddy leggings – get in!

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