14 Ways to Look Like Alexa Chung and why I Love Her

Alexa Chung is one of my all-time style icons. It’s fair to say that over the years, she’s influenced the way I’ve dressed considerably, even more so of recent. For 10 years now, she’s changed the way young women dress. Simple preppy sweaters, peacoats, ballet flats and denim cutoffs are just a few of my favorite Alexa Chung things…it’s really no wonder that she remains one of the most copied style icons ever, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she’s won the coveted British Fashion Awards Style Icon Award a number of times as well.

Her effortless iconic fashion look has earned her a great deal of street cred and a successful business. She now sells her Alexa Chung collection in Marks & Spencer’s, and it’s lush; trust me! We’re not even into 2017 yet and it’s shaping up to be a good one for Chung – it will mark the release of her new fashion line – exciting!

So, what’s the secret to her long-lasting coolness?

She doesn’t follow trends, she creates them, and more importantly, she remains true to her trademark style, which includes any leopard print clothes (my fav), Converse trainers, simple knitted V-neck jumpers and thigh skimming skirts.

Although she has her own style, which many love to emulate, including myself, she does have a few standard style rules that she lives by, and my favourite Alexa Chung fashion quote sums up her attitude towards clothes and style beautifully:

“Never say never in fashion, because you’ll be wearing NEVER in two years” – Alexa Chung.

 1. Wear one standout piece. Jazz up your simple day-to-day outfit with a statement coat that’ll turn heads.


2. Wear white shirts. Keep your look fresh and crisp.


3. A simple dark coloured jumper in navy or black is magical in a number of ensembles.


4. Have fun with your clothes. Add something a little off-the-wall, such as a graphic tee, for a totally unique look.


5. Leather leggings are a fashion-forward alternative to jeans.


6. Simple barely there makeup will draw more attention to your natural beauty and your outfit of the day.


7. Wear ballet flats day and night. Comfort is key to pulling off your fashionable look.


8. Invest in a pair of cute denim shorts that suit your body shape whether it’s a pair of mom-style denim shorts or some super torn cutoff denim shorts.


9. Feeling a little cool, but it’s too warm for a pullover? Wrap it around your shoulders to create the preppy look.


10. Invest in a decent tailored blazer in velvet or other materials that can be dressed up and down.


11. Get into leopard print clothes. Match it with everything from neutral colours to clashing prints.


12. Converse shoes are considered to be the retro sneaker of all time. Dare to be different and wear them with a dress.


13. Don’t be afraid to clash your prints – who said everything needs to be matching perfectly?


14. Wear neat collars like the Peter Pan collar to add a hint of conservative sophistication to your style.


 Who’s your favourite fashion icon? 



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