From the Vines…

Somebody recently told me that I’m on a roll with my writing. I smiled. Little did they know they were part of the reason I’d delved so deep into the world of words again – words are, and have always been my escape and that person, well they’re my muse!

Basically, you’re either the artist or the muse. I know which role I’ve chosen for myself. However, each role comes with its own set of confusing complications, but at the same time each one comes with some unwavering power as well; it just all depends on how you choose to unleash it. I’m going to be honest, my muse oddly galvanizes me, but how can you tell that to a person you hardly even know without seeming stalker-like and crazy?

I’m back at work and I’m trying to find a healthy work-life-love balance. Juggling everything and trying to make time for me and the things I love has always been a challenge, but I’m determined to make it all work. I’m also determined to prove that I’ve formally closed doors on parts of my past and I’m ready to open up new ones should the opportunity arise. I’m leaving the past where it should be – I’m no longer going to let inane things choke my existence and prevent me from flourishing.

It’s funny where things lead you. A simple blog post has caught the eye of a new upcoming NYC fashion designer, which resulted in her asking me to contribute to her blog on a weekly basis…yet another positive turn of events that I’m looking forward to embracing. I also look forward to writing a feature about her in Couture & Vines in the future. On a side note, it’s also uncanny the people you meet, and where certain relationships take you…

I recently posted my New Year’s resolutions regarding wine. To some they might seem superficial, especially making resolutions about such luxury items when there’s so much unnecessary suffering in the world. But trust me, there are other things I want to do, say and achieve, but I’d prefer not to broadcast my private affairs, especially when I lack the gumption to even admit it to myself or those involved.

In fashion news, this week has seen some weird fashion trends, trends that I can assure you I won’t be experimenting with. These include DKNY’s boiler suit, supersized menswear, extra-wide culottes with painterly prints, bandannas as anklets and even street bathrobes…yes, the world of fashion continues to shock.

I’m currently sat at work, still in my uncomfortable work clothes (surely this is a fashion blog post in the making), wondering…there are literally a million and one things running through my mind and it’s driving me crazy, so much so my head’s spinning and all I want to do is go home, get into my pajamas, have a ‘quiet’ glass of wine, sit in peace, and reflect.

Last week I promised a post on the Danish Hygge trend. Obviously with so much to do and other things happening, this post never eventuated, but I haven’t forgotten. Writing about this interesting Danish concept is even more significant than ever, because it is after all the concept of removing anything annoying or too emotionally overwhelming from your life; it’s taking simple pleasures from the presence of gentle soothing things…

…It’s about finding the joy in the ordinary!

So you can all rest assured, there will be a few things about the Hygge trend coming up soon.

Till next time


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