My Dirty Little Secret

Before I delve back into the perplexing worlds of fashion and wine later on in the week with more blogs, I want to share some more personal dreams and fears, which up until now have remained my dirty little secrets. However, in saying this, I do find writing everything down, telling people I care about and repeating them out loud in a weird mantra-like way holds me more accountable. In a way it’s strangely therapeutic!

 Love me and take me anywhere…

I don’t get people who don’t like to travel. Of course, there are some things I might take for granted, such as having the financial freedom to travel, but over the years I have encountered a good number of people who’ve just hated traveling full-stop or, just as bad, continue to visit the same all-inclusive European-filled resort every summer – the mind boggles!

Traveling and exploring are big parts of me. Without them I think I’d be a totally different person. I’m fortunate; I’ve travelled extensively from a young age. I’ve seen and explored some fascinating places, but no matter how many countries, cities and towns I continue to tick off the list, there are thousands of other alluring places calling my name.

There have been numerous times when my travels have left me speechless, and I do believe that it was in those moments that I became, what some consider, a storyteller. It is after all my goal to collect unforgettable memories and moments with special people by my side. My desire is to live in the now, to create more stories, and to share them with those that matter.

I choose to travel not to escape life, but to ensure my life doesn’t escape me…I’m a self-professed wanderlust and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it!

My inner gypsy has strong desires to walk a spiritual path through India and to climb the highest of mountains in South America. It craves solitude in the depths of the unexplored Eastern European forests and the tranquility on the most isolated Pacific beaches.

There are many things about travel (and in life in general) that scare the hell out of me, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the realisation that those things that once ‘freaked me out’ are worth pursuing; they bring about new opportunities and create new and exciting forks in the road ahead. Do I know what’s going to happen next? No, but no one ever does, and this just adds to the excitement.



I want to take road trips, many of them, because there’s actually nothing quite so liberating as hitting the road and taking a spontaneous adventure into the unknown. Mini escapes require minimal planning, and if I’ve got the right person in tow for company and the perfect road trip playlist, the options are limitless. Weekend travels await and random one-night getaways are in the midst.

Going Solo

 Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

The idea of solo travel is incredibly daunting to me, but it’s something that I, and everyone else should do at least once. I imagine the sense of freedom it brings is immense, especially when I only have my internal compass to guide me.

I’m certain that traveling solo could teach me some valuable life lessons. Travelling alone and being responsible for just myself will soon help me discover my true capabilities. And if I get lost or confused in a foreign-speaking country (which to be honest are two of my greatest solo traveling fears), I’ll embrace the aesthetic of ‘lost’ instead of holing up in a local coffee shop crying my eyes out – it’s time to get reacquainted with myself and say a big ‘YES’ to everything, including adventure.

Home Love


Like many, I take my hometown and surrounding area for granted. Peel back those layers that may sicken us about the place where we live, and you’ll soon find there’s an abundance to see and do locally – there are many stories still untold and many more yet to be created.

Yorkshire’s pretty amazing. It has some fascinating medieval cities, idyllic rolling countryside hills, mysterious valleys and mountains, and of course those quirky market towns…I vow to explore it more.

I want to go off the beaten track, end up in random places, and revel in the beauty, because it is in your hometown (without you even realising it sometimes) where dreams, hope, love and those amazingly wonderful stories I keep going on about begin.

Come Fly With Me


As you’ve probably already gathered, I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. And if you’re wondering how I define this, it’s being in love with love itself, believing in magic and fairytales, it’s about being an idealist, a dreamer, and being someone who sees sentimental value in the slightest of things…and for me, there’s one travel experience for the true romantic that I’m yet to experience, and that’s seeing the world from another perspective…yes, I want to look down on the miniscule world from above and travel via hot-air balloon (it’s on the bucket list).

Marrakech, Cappadocia, Queenstown…I don’t care where. I want to wake up at the crack of dawn when the sun begins to show her face. I want to be lifted into the silent skies as the early rays illuminate the silhouette of the curvilinear valleys – I want to be in awe!

I’m still waiting…but it will happen!

Through Valleys and Over Mountains


I’m going to admit that I used to dislike hiking. No, actually I detested it! But living in Switzerland for a year soon changed that.

I want physical and mental challenges. I want a person to hike with who’s going to challenge me on every single level so we can reach great heights and imprint memories while relishing in the visual rewards. I want to set my soul on fire while I fearlessly pursue every obstacle in life.

It’s All About the Food


One of my greatest travel experiences to date was a culinary experience in Bali. Away from the mainstream Balinese cooking schools, we fell upon Maria, a beautiful soul, a Balinese mother, grandmother, and not to mention an amazing cook.

Hopping over stones in the market place, dodging hapless Indonesians weaving in and out of the market stalls on their rickety old motorbikes, touching the fresh produce, and inhaling the aromatic delights of the endless Indonesian herbs and spices on offer was a sensory overload, and something I’ll never forget.

I’m a foodie, I love food and I love what it does to people – it brings them together in more ways than one.

I’ve already said I’m going to visit more vineyards and wineries, but I’m adding farm-to-table restaurants that cook from the heart, local cheese makers and more Maria-like culinary experiences to the list.

A Spiritual Serenade


I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but I do consider myself to be somewhat spiritual. I believe that sometimes taking that spiritual path will teach me to take all those moments of darkness that I sometimes experience and use them to my advantage.

I’ve always fantasized about India – if there’s one place in the world that intrigues me the most, this is it. Imagine visiting the sacred River Ganges…I’ll get there!

Parts of me want to seek deeper meanings in the places I go and the people I choose to travel with. I’m going to set more of those fears aside and embark on journeys that will take me to some of the world’s most iconic spiritual sites – there are more stories to be learnt and I’m sure that these places will offer me a renewed perspective on life.

There’s no way I’ve been everywhere, but everywhere is on the list…the question is however, will you come with me?

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