Why This Is Not OK

If I go back to when I was about 13, logos and labels were huge. There was no better way than to show off your sense of fashion, lifestyle, and dare I say it, wealth, than by brandishing an apparently obvious logo across the chest. It was the rage, and being 13, I think I can be excused for my obscene desire to flash the words DNKY, Roxy or Armani across my chest.

But like most trends, that one thankfully passed, although I’m sure the gaggle of girls I hung out with, myself included, were quietly displeased at the time (oh how times have changed). After all it meant we had to find other creative ways of climbing that ridiculous high school social ladder…. But like I said I was 13 or thereabouts.

As I grew up, there was still no sign of those garish discernible labels making a comeback. While I loved to shop and indulge in fashion labels, those visible brand names quickly became obsolete and extremely uncool. It all became about the less is more look (a look I still embrace). Discreet logos are fine, but visibly advertising that you’re wearing LV was not acceptable…don’t even get me started on advertising fake designer logos!

Despite being one of ‘those’ girls back in my innocence, I did, and still cast my fashion judgments on anyone who flashes such bold brands in the hope of being noticed. And yes, I do realise that passing judgment is slightly hypocritical, but there’s a difference between a 13-year-old girl and a 30-something-year-old woman doing it.

Unfortunately, for my condemnatory mind, this cliché trend is officially back, and it’s back with a vengeance. Designer logo tees are predicted to be pervasive in 2017. Forget the cute graphic tees of Alexa Chung in 2016, it’s all about who has the most expensive labeled t-shirt.

Big-name brands and exclusive fashion designers are churning out tee after tee, all of which have their name and logo plastered across them.

All of this also gets me thinking about those fashion ethics I touched upon just a few weeks ago. Really, the cost of a Gucci t-shirt is by far a hell of a lot more than most people making them would earn a month – now there’s some food for thought!

If you’re just as passionate as fashion and style as me, you probably follow a good number of fashion personalities on Instagram. You’ve also probably noticed that the Gucci t-shirt is ubiquitous – it’s literally taken social media by a storm. But seriously who in their right mind would fork out a whopping $520USD just for a few months wear?

Do a little more research, and you’ll soon discover a plethora of style tips on how you too can nonchalantly wear your designer Gucci t-shirt with a pair of mom-style jeans and those obligatory stacked necklaces – come on, do we really need to be told how to style a t-shirt? And in a few more write-ups, the advice worsens – create that thrift shop style with your Gucci tee. The mind truly boggles! It’s like the biggest oxymoron of combined fashion trends ever!

Someone asked me whether I was going to buy one. Err, absolutely not! Firstly, throwing down that stupid amount of cash on just a cotton t-shirt is vulgar and the look is just as crass!

Rant over…

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