An Uncomfortable Parisian Dinner

I’ve already said it before Alexa Chung is one of my number one style icons. With a laid-back quirky look, Chung has carved out a career as an esteemed fashion ‘it’ girl. A noted jeans wearer with oversized chunky knits and ankle boots, it’s hard not to fall in love with her easy-going style, not to mention her bubbly nonchalant personality.

With plenty of fashion projects in the making, Alexa Chung has once again teamed up with the Californian denim brand, AG. Helping launch AG’s Spring 2017 denim collection, Alexa played the starring role in AG’s most recent promotional short. With obvious hints of vintage inspiration, Alexa Chung has helped market AG’s denim wear to precision.

Chung’s previous collaboration with AG saw its new jeans collection sell out within days, but this year, they’re going for something a little bit more daring, something quirky, something very Alexa Chung.

Free-flowing wine, a Parisian dinner party, awkward drunken ramblings, and many moments of things getting lost in translation; if one didn’t know better, it could translate on paper as a date gone terribly wrong.

Set in one of my favourite European cities, Paris, Alexa Chung attends a typical Parisian dinner party, where she knows absolutely no one. She’s seen looking lost, randomly munching on radishes, drinking copious amounts of vino alone, and attempting to converse in French poorly. “Is there a bank nearby?” and “I’m a girl!” are just a few of her awkward French comebacks to some seemingly simple questions in English, but my favourite parts would have to be when she throws those palpable cutaway glances that we can all clearly relate to when in the midst of an uncomfortable social scenario.

At first, your mind wonders, what does Alexa Chung’s cameo in this short actually have to do with AG jeans? But fear not, she finally manages to smoothly bring it back in at the end. I can’t wait for Alexa Chung’s own fashion label, and I just hope her marketing campaign is as drôle as this one.

I’m the type of girl, who finds beauty in oddities and the imperfect, to me they’re much more interesting, which is why J’adore cette publicité!

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