Topshop Bridal Collection Announced

The Haute Couture Fashion Show caught my attention the other week, mostly for their exquisite Haute Couture Bridal Gowns and the Chanel Bride of the year…

But let’s get real. I’m never going to be able to afford to snap up a Chanel wedding gown nor do I probably want to wear one. While it’s a wedding dress princess wedding dreams are made of, I can’t really envisage myself trouncing down the aisle in a full peony skirt…but I think it’s fair to say that every single girl, whether she’s getting married or not, dreams of that perfect wedding dress, and there’s nothing like that moment when you find the ‘one’.

Every single girl out there, myself included, has that idealised plan inside her head as to what her wedding should actually be like…with the dress being number one. Personally, I dream of that beautifully classic romantic wedding, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re walking down an aisle in the idyllic countryside strewn with delicate rose petals with a string quartet playing or you opt for more of a no-frills wedding in the registry office, as long as you’re marrying the man or woman of your dreams and everything’s just so…

Some of you might be surprised at my willingness to write so openly about weddings, and sometimes I even surprise myself, but there’s absolutely no way I’m turning my back on marriage or love, and with a few exciting weddings in the pipeline, it’s definitely wedding fever – there’s nothing wrong with nurturing romantic dreams…

Topshop is one of my favourite High Street shops. With plenty of awesome Topshop fashion collaborations, it’s most definitely a High Street fashion store that caters to the modern young woman who appreciates style, glamour and class. However, there’s been only one thing missing from its orgastic clothing range…a Topshop bridal collection.

Stop press!

Fervent brides beware!

The dreams of affordable bridal dresses no longer has to be so. The Topshop Bridal Collection will be launched in April 2017 and features a breathtaking capsule collection of modern and classic bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, wedding guest dresses, exquisite bridal lingerie, plus all the bridal accessories you can imagine.

As soon as I read about it, I spent a decent amount of time researching. The romantic within just had to get a sneak-peak of Topshop’s wedding range, but like with all things great, the Topshop Team is keeping it well under wraps.

What I do know is this…this season’s new bridal collection from Topshop will debut just five wedding gowns, which start at a more-than friendly budget of just £350. £350 is nothing for a wedding dress from Topshop…and to think I spent that just on a pair of shoes! The Topshop bridesmaids’ dresses will surely just be as impressive, which start off at a mere £85.

I’m excited to see the Topshop wedding collection, and I’m sure it’ll provide some healthy competition to Whistles and ASOS’ affordable Hight Street bridal collections. I haven’t even seen the entire Topshop bridal collection for Spring 2017 yet, but I know I’m going to love it. I’ve been a loyal Topshop girl ever since I bought my first pair of Baxter jeans back in the day, and since then I haven’t looked back.

So, if you’re getting married soon, and you’re looking for a designer-inspired bridal gown at High Street prices, pencil April 2017 into your diary.

There’s something about a wedding gown that makes it a million times prettier than every other gown in the world.

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