Bombers and Hoodies – A Couture Inspo

The Paris Couture Fashion Week is over and we’re saying goodbye to some  beautifully and meticulously designed Haute Couture collections… for now at least. While I did find myself swooning over the stunningly crafted designer wedding gowns by Chanel and Valentino and imagining my own make-believe wedding with my make-believe husband, it was the Couture street style set that really appealed – it would seem that finally there are some Haute Couture clothes on show for the real person!

The prominence of casual ensembles on the runways at present is obvious, with some saying that Net-a-Porter’s ‘Vetements effect’ is still in full swing. Puffer and bomber jackets were seen on the runway and peppered throughout the audience. Add fashionable baggy sweatshirts and distressed denim jeans to the mix, and it’s enough to make any person, who loves a cool street style, get excited (including myself).

Showgoer and international fashion investor, Miroslava Duma, from Russia was bang on trend with her super-cool laid-back street style ensembles that consisted of awesome hoodies and ‘dad’ baseball caps. Who would’ve thought that you could get away with wearing …well, something so casual to a top Parisian fashion show?

Miroslava Duma rocks the ‘I heart NYC’ hoodie look – she’s got it right!

Finally, some of the pretension has been removed from the Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and designers are designing for the masses and not just their emaciated runway models. I’ve always liked the casual street style look, mostly for its comfort, but now it’s actually in fashion…yippee! I’m not going to have any qualms donning a few more hoodies and ripped jeans on date nights and lunch with the girls, it’s the perfect opportunity to dress down, and embrace the comfy Hygge fashion look at the same time!

Check out some of the coolest street style ensembles from the Spring 2017 Couture Fashion Week in Paris…I can’t wait to see what the upcoming NYC Fashion Week has in terms of inspirational street style…stay tuned!

A mishmash of denim – who said you couldn’t clash the colours? The retro Ray-bans finish the look off perfectly!
Distressed denim jeans, sports socks and loafers…somehow it just works! Are you game to try it out?
Casual chic. This Paris Couture Fashion Show goer has the street style trend down to a tee with a pair of skinny distressed jeans, an oversized tee, and a vintage inspired faux fur bomber jacket! This is love in an outfit!
Christian Dior : Outside Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017
Prize for the classiest street style show goer.  I’m loving the Hygge inspired knitted top that pairs beautifully with an oversized faux fur coat – what do you call this? Glam street style?
A trendy sports look with a colour-block faux fur bomber and the on-trend statement tee is a cute and casual look anyone can pull off.
To create the ultimate street style ensemble that’ll turn heads, embrace careless layering. Distressed jeans under a vintage inspired summer dress and your boyfriend’s bomber jacket – it’s a look easily created!
Street style at Paris Fashion Week Couture Spring 2017.
Vetements – the street wear label every fashion forward person, who’s embracing the new streetwear look, is wearing!

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