From the Vines…

What a week! Many lessons learnt, including one major one – I should be more careful with my things…paying for a locksmith to come out when I ‘lost’ my house key only to find it stuffed in my laptop bag afterwards was certainly not cool. This is just proof that I need to learn how to relax more in semi-stressful situations (there’s no point in panicking) – my reactions are often in too much haste, and I must slow down. Sometimes common sense flies out the window…I’ll put it down to a temporary ‘blonde’ moment! I just need to react with zero reaction! Rant over!

In fashion news, the world’s major Fashion Weeks are in full swing. I loved the Couture Fashion Week in Paris; some of the wares were exquisite…and the streetwear fashion trend really stood out, so much so, I decided to spoil myself and snap up a bargain designer camo jacket from the lovely Nicole Ivison-Hatch at Left Bank Six. I can’t wait to receive it gorgeous! That’s my weekend sorted…shopping in Leeds for some new distressed jeans to pair with it and then plenty of wine and sushi to follow…bliss!

Speaking of Fashion Weeks around the world, the Copenhagen Fashion Week is currently happening. I’ve taken a sneak peak at some of what’s on offer in terms of Danish fashion, and it’s unreal, unique and very Hygge, which of course makes it even more appealing given my love of everything Hygge! Once I have a moment, I’ll sit down, dissect the trends, and write my own personal review…stay tuned!

February’s the month of Fashion Weeks, and the ‘Big 4’ are all coming soon. New York Fashion Week surely won’t disappoint, which has already begun with the New York Men’s Fashion Week collection, but the one we’re all waiting for with bated breath is next week – the NYC Women’s Fashion Week – will it live up to my expectations? After the Paris Couture Show, it’s going to be tough!

In the beauty world, the West is going crazy about Korean beauty products. Once upon a time it was the complete opposite – but given the online hype, it’d seem we’ve gone from K-Pop to K-Beauty! There are some weird and wonderful Korean beauty products on the market at present, including double sheet masks, which I’m eager to try out!

In wine news, the New Zealand Wine Show in London was a huge success with some bespoke New Zealand vineyards  showcasing their world-class wines. And if you’re a Prosecco fan like myself, and happen to live in London, there’s also some exciting news for you.

On the topic of wine, I’ve uncovered some great places to do wine tastings in Leeds and the surrounding areas. The next month or two will be full of exciting new wine and food adventures – and being the foodie that I am, I’m super excited. I’ll take my fellow foodies along for the ride – those people who enjoy good food and wine are my kind of people, they’re the best!

With plenty of vineyard weddings coming up, I want to explore more about what it takes to create that beautiful vineyard wedding. An idyllic vineyard has to be one of the most romantic wedding venues to exchange your vows – it’s like magic, and I’m a strong believer in magic, because if you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never get it (and I certainly don’t want to tempt fate anymore).

Despite the craziness of today and my own inane faux pas, I remain positive. Things are looking up professionally, I’m back into my gym routine like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m even going to add a few morning swims into the mix just for fun. I keep pushing myself to the limits, and I’m more determined than ever to get shit right. For me exercise is more than just the physical, it’s also very therapeutic, and there’s nothing like taking it all out on those machines…I can, and I will!

That’s all!

Till next time…



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