LSD Dreams…

LSD…don’t be mistaken. I’m referring to the very on-trend dress of the moment – the LSD, AKA the Long-Sleeved Dress. From LBD to LSD, the LSD is the current ‘it-buy’ dress this season.

As a hopeless romantic, who’s in love with everything love related, I’m a sentimental dreamer, imaginative and fanciful, which is why I’m particularly loving this elegant long-sleeved dress trend in the midst of the cooler winter months.

When it comes to choosing which dress to wear to work or on a date these days, I’m in between a bit of a rock and a hard place. With the bitter cold days still firmly present, the days are somewhat getting longer, and the sun’s finally beginning to show her face once again. Despite the sun’s omnipresence today, there’s still a distinct chill in the air, which means I’m slightly stuck when it comes to buying new dresses – there doesn’t seem to be any in betweeners.

The LSD (Long-sleeved dress) is the same. Should I really be buying it? Is it still too cold out? But at the same time I find myself charmed by the ubiquitous floral patterning and the dreamy light chiffon materials that are clearly infiltrating the High Street shops at the moment.

Wander down the High Street and take a glimpse at the window displays – the LSD is everywhere, and the wild animal prints and punchy florals are really making a statement. New Look, Top Shop, Mango, River Island and Next are all about the LSD this week.

Perfect for the early and late summer months, you might be mistaken that the longevity of the LSD will be short-lived, but thanks to the new street style inspiration this season that has been prominent on catwalks recently, the LSD can be teamed with a variety of puffer jackets, cropped leather jackets or even a cool faux fur coat, and of course a pair of opaque tights and ovee-the-knee boots to finish it off, meaning you can wear those fashionable light summer dresses at any time of the year. The result is what I’d personally refer to as boho meets rocker glam, and with all the pieces already in my wardrobe, I’m definitely going to be experimenting with the look.

Both River Island and New Look have some fabulous LSDs…I think it’s another trip to the shops for me!

Here are some of my favourite long-sleeved dresses of the moment…

The idealistic romantic LSD. This New Look rose patterned long-sleeved dress will evoke beautiful dreams. The perfect dress for the English rose.
Another New Look favourite. Wear this delicate light long-sleeved dress to the theatre, on a date, or to a club, but don’t forget your faux fur coat, because baby it’s cold outside!
Make a statement with this vibrant long-sleeved Mango mini. Paired with a cropped jacket and a pair of opaque tights, you’ll most certainly turn heads in this cute number.
A classy Lipsy Long-sleeved button down dress available at Next is the perfect in-between dress that will take you from the office to your evening date – this dress = love.
Dare to be a little bit different with this Long-sleeved off-the-shoulder chiffon dress from Lipsy. The perfect evening party dress for any social butterfly. Glam it up with long loose strings of pearls and an oversized faux fur coat.
Winter weddings and occasion dress problems solved, this elegant long-sleeved mini from River Island is both classy and stylish.
Channel your inner-senorita with this brightly coloured off-the-shoulder LSD from River Island. It’s the epitome of exotic-chic.

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