Sloppy Joes, Lady Gaga and Shoulder Padded Men

Don’t ask me anything about the Superbowl. OK, so now I know who won, but the teams don’t mean much to me nor does the game itself…I’ve seriously got no idea about the rules – I am a Kiwi rugby girl at heart. Give me the AB’s Haka over guys in shoulder pads any day.

For me, the Superbowl’s synonymous with its half-time show and yesterday’s Superbowl half-time spectacle from Lady Gaga didn’t disappoint.

Known for her eccentricity, Gaga pulled out all the stops and her Versace wardrobe was just as impressive as her tunes.

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace struck up an unlikely friendship some years ago, with rumours even circulating that Gaga was to play Donatella in an upcoming Versace inspired film, something both camps still strongly deny.

Classic Gaga songs, sparkles, bling, crystal mics, glittery leotards, and numerous outfit changes…the 2017 Superbowl half-time performance was anything but dull.

Appearing on a retractable roof donning a metallic Versace leotard, Lady Gaga wowed the fans right from the get go. Versace bling was evident, and it’s clear that Donatella Versace’s custom-made bedazzling leotards were created with Gaga in mind.

I personally loved her grand entrance. Only Gaga could successfully get away with trapezing  into the NRG stadium in an opalescent purple one-piece, which was dutifully complemented by a pair of matching fishnets and boots. Singing “Born this Way”, “Telephone” and “Poker Face” to start with, it was quickly followed by a rapid outfit change into a Madonna-esque gold jacket that boasted melodramatic spiked shoulders. “Just Dance” was a winner, and the choreography was out of this world.

From an almost exhausting tempo to an emotional piano rendition of “Million Reasons”, Lady Gaga proved that her energy, performance and singing are once again unsurpassable when it comes to wowing.

Gaga exudes energy and sass in her Versace shoulder-padded American football inspired crop top.
Queen of bling and crazy make up, Gaga performs in front of eager 2017 Superbowl fans at half time.


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