Victoria’s Poppin’

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not a huge VB fan; I still can’t get past her days of her flouncing around on stage as ‘Posh Spice’. However, credit has to be given where credit’s due – she’s definitely transformed her image. Over the last decade, VB has successfully carved out a career as an esteemed fashion designer. Not only this, she’s also earned the well-deserved title as an influential style icon.

Victoria Beckham’s arrival in NYC prior to the NYC Fashion Week Show has caused a stir. Not because it’s VB (the US are now very much used to her and David after their LA stint) but because of her latest look – it was her wearing of bold colours that got everyone talking.

The addition of just a ‘pop’ of colour is a huge understatement, and Victoria has once again proved that she really has developed an innate sense of style since her former pop star days. One colour has featured more than any other in her NYC outfits – sky blue – just go back and peruse over her recently papped outfits to see – it’s VB’s couleur du moment.

My personal favourite brightly hued VB ensemble was her iconic Paris outfit – you’ve probably already seen it – the crisp blue collared shirt with wide-leg rust-orange culottes. Not only has she mastered a chic preppy style with an edge, she’s also successfully annexed the colour-block look to perfection.

“Dramatic” is one word to describe her NYC wardrobe. Not many would have the courage to go so bold, but VB’s unique twist on her bright red knitted dress over a sky blue collared shirt was definitely a head turner. On the same day, in true Victoria Beckham fashion, she pulled off another accoutrement that piqued my curiosity – a smart button-down orange midi with bold buttons teamed with a pair of sky blue mules – it really is all about the sky blue!

I’m predicting big and bold from Victoria Beckham at the 2017 NYC Fashion Week. One thing’s for sure, the once lover of everything black has inspired me to add a little bit more colour to my own wardrobe. It’s time to get poppin’…

And if you don’t feel that you’ve got what it takes to pull this all off, follow VB’s words of wisdom:

If you haven’t got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking

Orange and blue – who would’ve thought? The svelte Victoria Beckham stands out in this fabulously bright ensemble. 
I’m in love with Victoria Beckham’s refined colour-block style. This look’s the perfect casual chic office ensemble. 
YES! VB nails a cool colour-block look on the streets of Paris. The Louboutins add the final touch! 

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