VB X Estée Lauder – The Rumours are True

Victoria Beckham has been a busy lady. Currently in NYC for the New York Fashion Week, I just discovered her renewed, and very unexpected collab with Estée Lauder.

Where have I been?

So this news is totally fresh off the boat for me. I had absolutely no idea about the Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder collaboration in the first place, but I’m happy not to have missed out completely – Estée Lauder and VB are bringing back their exclusive collaboration for a very limited time this March.

Rumour also has it that VB’s launching her own celebrity beauty brand once the NYC Fashion Week’s over. Her previous flirtations with makeup and beauty branding proved to be a huge success, but for now, she’s re-releasing some of the most popular items including a Highlighter in Modern Mercury, a Bronzer in Java Sun and the Morning Aura Illuminating Creme.

As well as beauty creams and powders, there’ll also be a range of exciting eye shadows with metals being the running palette choice of the season and spicy nude glosses for the pout.

And it’ll be Feb 12th with the greatly anticipated VB showing at NYC Fashion Week 2017 that a new second collection will be tried and tested – talk about a tease!

VB loves the idea of wearable fashion makeup. Most of her products have some element of fashion – in some cases, Posh Spice is still very much a part of who she is!

Check out VB and Estée Lauder at esteelauder.com and Net-A-Porter in March.



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