Homage to America by Raf Simons

I love non-subtle political messages, and I’m pretty sure this is what Raf Simons was trying to achieve with his Calvin Klein debut at the NYC Fashion Week.

NYC Fashion Week has seen some serious political statements this year, from showgoers donning political slogan tees to white bandanas in show of  their support of inclusiveness and unity. With many anti-Trump fashion statements, including planned parenthood pins, it’s no surprise that other fashion designers at the 2017 New York Fashion Week were also making some political noise.

However, many, myself included, were slightly taken aback by Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein debut. From Simons’ shock departure from Dior to collaborating with Calvin Klein in summer 2016, the Belgian designer loves to keep people talking, especially since it was widely believed within the industry and further afield that he’d left Dior to solely concentrate on his own creative pursuits. No one expected the Simons X Klein collaboration, but somehow it just works!

Calvin Klein is an American giant when it comes to fashion, which is why Raf Simons’ collection entitled ‘Parade’ was so fitting. Opening with with Bowie’s ‘This is not America’, his choice of models were just as significant as the Raf Simons X Calvin Klein wares on display. A medley of colour, race, ethnic backgrounds, together with different dress codes and styles, it’s very clear that Simons was trying to prove a political point through fashion – American people are diverse and have a unique beauty and emotion to them; it was on these foundations that the American Dream was built. America doesn’t need to be made great again – it’s always been great thanks to the melting pot that it is.

I guess, Calvin Klein, will be just one more brand that the First Family of America will be turning its back on, or perhaps Klein’s already beaten them to it!





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