It’s All About The Little Things

“Sometimes”, said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the biggest space in your heart”.

Today’s Valentine’s Day. It’s nearly over (thank God)!

It was a day of mixed emotions. I reflected on love lost, unrequited love and all that, but at the same time I also gave a great deal of thought to what it is I love about love.

I’m not one for over-hyped celebrations to express love, but it was refreshing to see so many happy loved up couples out and about today enjoying their day in Harrogate. I must admit that I did feel a pang of envy. Part of me wanted to be that girl being wined and dined by the man of her dreams…

However, jealousy aside (I did mention the other day that I was going to try and curb this), I reflected on love and what it is about love that makes me so happy, and I came to this conclusion – it’s all about the little things – it’s all about the little things in love.

He doesn’t need to be rich, but damn does he need to be thoughtful!

To me love, and romance for that matter, isn’t about expensive gifts. It’s all about those random little acts of love – these are the things that count, and these are the things that are ultimately going to win me over and make me fall in love all over again. These are the things that will make me fall in love with him every day of the week, over and over again. These, to me, are the things that keep love alive.

These little things in love that I keep referring to are things that require little or zero money and planning -they’re spontaneous. These are the keys to lasting love and marital bliss.

They’re so small, they should be a given in any successful relationship. But it’s the following that will ensure that my future relationship will be a healthy and happy one. It will help build on a foundation, bringing about hopefully a long-lasting love that will only grow, not die (there goes the romantic in me again). So without further ado, to the tune of The Sound of Music , these are some my favourite things in love…

Random compliments, unexpected public kisses, holding hands, saying ‘I love you’ numerous times a day, leaving ‘I love you’ notes, intimate eye contact, texts saying ‘I’m thinking about you’, massages, spontaneous bear hugs, coffee (or wine) together under the blanket, flowers, phone calls or messages at work, favourite cooked meals, silly drawings and doodles that only you understand, falling asleep together on the sofa, cooking together, reading together, falling asleep on his chest while he strokes my hair, looking at photos and reminiscing together, consoling each other, being there for each other in good times and bad, organising surprises, dancing (big plus)… 

Is this too much to ask?

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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