Pantsuit Invasion At NYFW

I love a man in a good suit. There’s nothing like a tailored suit on a guy…swoon! Women wearing pantsuits also look hot, but since I wear suits and business attire on a daily basis to work, the novelty’s wearing thin! I’ve even grown to be a little rebellious in the office when it comes to everyday workwear…my work wardrobe is becoming more and more casual by the day unbeknownst to anyone else – it’s amazing what a good scarf and other accessories can do to detract attention.

But NYFW has seen another comeback – the pantsuit – and there’s no guessing where this inspiration has mainly come from…

Many people say fashion trends are just that – fashion trends. But I’d have to beg to differ  – in some cases I believe it’s a true reflection of the times that we’re living in.

I bet if I said this to some people, they’d tell me that I was trying to intellectualise fashion too much – they’d probably tell me to stop since fashion’s considered to be so frivolous. But the 2017 fashion weeks around the world are proving my point.

I’ve already mentioned that many top fashion designers have successfully incorporated political statements into their 2017 fashion collections, some were more subtle than others, some were totally unrealistic. What is evident, in my opinion, is there are clear signs of feminism on the runway and this only looks like it’s going to get bigger!

Hillary Clinton made the pantsuit famous again! So it’s no surprise that these have emerged in the 2017 NYFW shows. During Clinton’s 2016 election campaign, the once understated pantsuit came to represent a lot more than just clothes – it was a sign of feminism, and it was no accident that Hillary Clinton chose the pantsuit to be her signature outfit throughout the 2016 US elections.

Political fashion statements aside – 80s fashion (to my dismay) is making a comeback too, which just adds to the pantsuit’s ubiquitous status. Please, for the love of God, steer clear of those shoulder pads…please!

Think bold blazers, shirred high-neck blouses teamed with high-waisted fitted suit pants…

Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful eat your hearts out!

Looking for some designer pantsuit inspo?

Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim, Raf Simons, Victoria Beckham and Rosie Assoulin all showed the coveted pantsuit at the 2017 NYFW and wowed!


The 2017 Alexander Wang pantsuit is oh-so cool – I’d wear this one!
Also loved the looser Calvin Klein pantsuit at the 2017 NYFW…not sure about the red socks!
Love the more casual cut of this 2017 Claudia Li number, but the corduroy makes it a no-go for me! 
Trust Oscar de la Renta to keep it uber chic. This classic pantsuit in black would flatter any woman.
Bold is big. These simple black kitten heels with this Oscar de la Renta 2017 pantsuit bring the entire look together – a winning combination for the more adventurous businesswoman!
Chunky Mr-T gold chain aside, I love this loose fitting Dion Lee pantsuit. Oh, and it’s teamed beautifully with this season’s on-trend shoes – the mule!
English country meets gentry. This classic looking suit with a twist was one of M.Martin’s most popular 2017 pantsuits. 
I’m not one for look-at-me pantsuits, but I think this Phillip Lim pantsuit in candy pink rocks – I’d definitely wear this one! 
Another favourite pantsuit from the  2017 NYFW – I adore the contrast between black and cream with this Rosie Assoulin number! 

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