On Pressing DELETE

[DELETE] – in the IT world it means the removal of any unwanted information. I personally spend a lot of time in front of a screen professionally and personally, and I find myself constantly having to press [DELETE].

Typos, stupid text messages that will only embarrass me later, removal of people from social media, unwanted files, cookies…I hit [DELETE] many times a day.

Imagine there wasn’t such a button – what then? My Mac would be riddled with viruses, slow, and not functioning properly – it’d become a complete mess!

I Couldn’t Press [DELETE]

My mind is a computer.

I think the human mind is fascinating; it could metaphorically be compared to an advanced piece of machinery like a computer.

There have been times in my past where I just wasn’t able to function properly. My mind was cloudy and I was essentially lost. At times I thought I was actually fucking losing my mind – it was that bad!

It was a friend who made me see the light. He told me that I just simply couldn’t erase things from my mind. I allowed negative and non-constructive thoughts that were often based on fear not only appear, but linger.

Unfortunately, these negative thoughts overloaded my mind. There wasn’t any room for the more positive constructive thoughts that were full of love. What I’d done was turn off my filter, allowed shit to enter and block the valuable content.

Sometimes I still find it difficult to press the [DELETE] button, but this is mostly with people. But that’s a completely different blog, and something I’m personally trying to work on.

Thankfully I’ve realised how much energy I wasted thinking such things – I was allowing my own thoughts to destroy me.

The mind is a crazy and powerful tool – it needs to be used in the right way!


I don’t even know when it all occurred to me. It’s probably been a gradual process and finally I had that massive Eureka moment people often refer to.

I don’t allow negative thoughts to get past my filtering system, which is why I’m making conscious choices about who I spend my time with to ensure I don’t get influenced.

As soon as negative thoughts enter [DELETE]. If I doubt my abilities [DELETE]. If I tell myself I can’t do something [DELETE]. If I begin to criticise the way I look [DELETE]. If I find a million excuses not to do something [DELETE]. If I keep dwelling on crap that happened in the past [DELETE]. If I pay attention to someone’s criticisms [DELETE]. If I begin to get upset because of a person’s actions or words [DELETE].

If they don’t serve a positive purpose, I hit [DELETE] immediately, no questions asked. I can’t be bothered wasting my precious time and energy entertaining such thoughts. All it did was clutter my mind and fill me with even more self doubt.

Now I’ve got to try and find a way to filter people, which is seemingly more difficult.

CTRL – ALT – DELETE = Restart

On Pressing [DELETE]

If you’re wondering how I found it so easy to press [DELETE] after so long of ignoring this function, it’s easy. It’s a recipe for any healthy mind. Mental and physical exercise, plenty of sleep, lots of water and being mindful of thoughts and choices.

Feeding my mind with continuous negative thoughts led me to believe them, and then it all became like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thank God I’m grounded and thank God for those special people who helped me crawl out of the rut and helped me see my worth.

If you really realised how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never ever have a negative thought again!



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