Drama Girl Schedules

I’ve had so much on my plate of late, hence why I’ve gone from prolific blog writing to zilch in a matter of days. I love to keep myself busy, and if I’m going to be honest, it’s this that has helped me get through what has been my crappiest year to date. In saying this however, I’m still in search of that coveted balance. Finding balance is such a huge theme in my life right now…

My life’s been torn in a number of different directions at the moment. Full-time work, blogging, studying, and of course a new and exciting social life as a single gal. Add the gym, planning for my future, saving money and getting enough down time and sleep to the equation and you’ll probably understand why I find it hard to think coherently and function at times.

To-do lists are supposed to get shorter as you churn through them, aren’t they? Mine seem to grow by the hour, and every time I think about everything that I need to do and that I still haven’t done, my stress levels go through the roof. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s humanly possible to take on so much…call me crazy!

There have been times of late when I’ve felt completely out of my depth and overwhelmed, meaning I’ve also had to prioritise some of those monotonous not-so-fun things – shit just needs to get done sometimes!

I’ve always associated scheduling with people who work 9-5 office jobs; not with me, the free spirit who likes to flit about and find her place by fate. Unfortunately, this is just not working out right now. Yeah, perhaps I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to taking on too much, but to overcome all of this I’ve had to make some massive changes, which is namely in the form of scheduling. Oh, the irony of not doing other things in the last few days because I have been tirelessly writing my schedules for all the things I need to do…go figure!

Although it sounds mundane, this is how I’ve made that oh-so necessary time for the things I love doing such as writing, cooking and going to the gym. Now, they all have specific times of the day or week.

I’m not a type A person by any stretch of the imagination, and while scheduling is hardly groundbreaking in the modern world, I’ve discovered that I am being more productive – 6/7 days at the gym ain’t bad, right?

The subject of procrastination has come up a lot lately, and despite my willingness to be proactive, I too fall into this category more than I would like. But in saying this, I’ve also realised that this happens because I let all my shit pile up. It gets out of control and then crushes me in a moment. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start. I know I’m probably being a drama queen right now (I have a tendency to be like this when things get very real), but scheduling those important me-time moments as well as all the other more tedious things I need to do has really made a massive difference – it’s kept me sane!

I’ve even gone a little OCD with my scheduling. I’ve now got a monthly plan, a weekly plan and a daily plan. I’ve gone from having zero plans to a multitude of plans within a matter of days – long may it last!

It might sound inane and a boring way to live my life right now, but recent events have led me to believe that I don’t want to waste a precious moment. I’m still striving towards that perfect work-play balance, but I’m happy to report I’m getting in more of the latter these days.

My ‘Me’ time is just as important as my work time. Without it, I’d go mad. My recent die-hard planning has allowed me to create more of this time and memories, and sometimes these moments will come around only once, and I don’t want to miss out on a thing!

This well could be a sign that I’m finally learning how to adult in the big bad world – eeek!



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