Post-Minimalist Fashion – the New Black

I’m a less is more kind of girl. To me, minimalism is the ultimate form of sophistication; and this is something that I can relate to every aspect of my life, especially style.

When the recession came about, minimalist fashion emerged more out of necessity, but people (including myself), who love to shop for designer clothes, have realised that sometimes the best clothing investment is something solid and classic looking.

I’ve never really been a fan of super busy looks, although this doesn’t mean that I won’t experiment with different trends such as clashing prints from time to time – it’s all about the moment.

I love fashion, and I appreciate it as an art form, but I’m also a jeans kind of girl, so the fact there’s a new wave of minimalist inspiration in town is excellent news for me.

I don’t really see minimalism as a lack of something – it’s simply the perfect amount of something.

Seasonal fashion is fine sometimes, but when it comes to spending more on investment pieces of clothing, I’m always going to go for the minimalist look as opposed to something that’s going to date quickly.

I know, minimalist clothing sounds boring as hell, but trust me, if you have a real eye for style, you’ll be able to remain chic while achieving the ultimate minimalist look. Don’t believe me? Hit some of the trendiest areas near you and look around – it’s all about minimalism.

The S/S17 collections that hit the runways during recent fashion weeks around the world prove that there’s a new and improved ‘simple’ look in town.


The ‘new’ minimalism look is slightly different to examples of minimalism seen during the recession. I’m going to nickname it the post-minimalism look. It’s all related to seemingly easy to throw on items, which on closer inspection aren’t actually that easy to design and make. Instead of your standard shift dress, think shift dresses and luxe fabrics, big leather totes and colourful purses. The post-minimalist look isn’t totally fuss free – there’s a plethora of exciting and creative ways that we can wear minimalist fashion and still have fun!

Here are my minimalist fashion favourite looks with a twist…

It’s no secret that white, black and khaki go together, but add some over-sized lengths to a minimalist ensemble to achieve a cool urban look. 
Au contraire…I love a good trench coat; it’s the perfect item to bring together a sleek minimalist look. 
Olivia Palermo makes everything seem so effortless. A plain knitted dress paired with a long-line tailored jacket is a minimalist outfit made in heaven; and the fact that it’s in monochrome makes it even better. 
Muted greys also work well to pull off the effortless minimal fashion look. And if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to this toned down look, a bright coloured scarf will always do the trick. 
50 Shades of beige anyone? I’m all over this colour and I love how a pop of colour has been thrown into the mix with a punchy purse and contrasting boots. 
This minimalist outfit screams laissez-faire. Separately these items wouldn’t jump out at me, but teamed together they just work! 



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