When ‘Faking It’ is OK…

Ladies, the only ‘faking it’ you should be doing is on your skin. I’m back to my former self, it’s official, the only thing I plan to ‘fake’ from now is my tan – fake tans are the best!

I’m really fair. Eventually, if I roast myself on a daily basis (when it’s sunny, which to be fair is not very often here even in the summer), I’ll turn a lovely shade of gold. It looks great, but it does take the entire summer and a lot of naughty over-exposure in the sun.

My skin’s probably been put through the wringer in the past (due to my own bad of course). There’s probably a lot of irreversible damage that’s been done. And with the dangers of tanning in the sun being at their peak, the sun damage and risk of skin cancer just aren’t worth it, which is just another reason to fake it rather than rotate every 15 to 20 minutes on the beach or poolside like a rotisserie chicken.

Like I said before – fake tans are the best. Not only have I been able to score enviable tropics-worthy colours lately without the sun damage, my skin has also been treated to some much needed love in terms of moisturising. Faking it today also feeds the skin, as fake tan formulas are more advanced than ever, and over the last month or so while I’ve been trialing various fake tan brands, I’ve also discovered that there’s a plethora of skin-nourishing benefits to be had as well.

I’m all about faking it with my skin. There’s nothing quite like an authentic-looking tan minus the sun that leaves the skin beautifully soft. The only time faking it on the bed should ever be okay is when you’re sitting on it and applying fake tan.

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been testing fake tans. I’ve got sensitive skin, so I’m always a little more cautious of what I apply to my super-sensitive skin. Finding the right fake tans to trial was a trial in itself. I needed a fake tan free from DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is the key tanning agent in the majority of fake tan products. What’s more, I also had to look out for products that weren’t heavily perfumed…thankfully there are a number of fake tan options for sensitive skin these days!

I’m still not sure which fake tan I’m going to use over the summer months, but here are some of the ones I’ve tested to help me achieve that natural beach bronzed look without those unsightly patches or uneven fake tan fade.

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for the Body


Because I’ve got such fair skin I just look absolutely ridiculous with a deep fake tan, which is why Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow worked beautifully for me. Subtle and gentle on the skin, this fake tan for sensitive skin can be applied every day as a nourishing moisturizer that will eventually leave you with golden kissed skin.

Fake Bake Fair Gradual Tan Lotion


I know a lot of people who religiously rely on Fake Bake for their fake summer tans, but Fake Bake Fair Gradual Tan Lotion is relatively new, and perfect for ghostly white people like me. I’ve never been great at applying fake tan myself, and in the past it led to some embarrassing disasters (think orange palms and streaky skin). The gradual fake tan that I can build up over time eliminates such problems – Fake Bake’s Fair Skin version is the ideal way to ease your way towards that coveted bronzed look.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Tinted Lotion


Another gradual self tan, this organic nourishing lotion is free from any of those nasty parabens, and with all of its organic plant extracts, this light and sensitive skin-friendly self tanning lotion nourishes the skin beautifully at the same time. Priced at only £20, I think this is great value for money and provides one of the best fake gradual tans you can achieve.

Fake it to you make it baby!



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