Banishing Bad Weeks

One small positive thought in the morning can change the whole day.

The beginning of the week is always punctuated with a little bit of dread. The mental transitioning from a relaxing weekend to a regular workweek can be stressful, especially if you’re like me who has very little free time to play around with – every little bit counts!

I just need to take a quick look at my Social Media accounts, namely Instagram and Facebook to see that many of my friends and associates share the same trepidation. The Monday memes are funny, but in many ways they’re oh-so true!

Sometimes I think that my own mental attitude is to blame as to how my week starts out. The negativity often starts before Monday’s even here. So instead of stoking it, I’m working hard on making a mindset shift. After all, it is that ‘beginning of the week’ outlook that sets the tone for my week ahead.

This week I started my week well despite having not been 100% health wise, and it really has made a difference. The Laws of Attraction are working and with promotions in the bag, extra training opportunities and room for career growth, I’ve got to say that I am heading to work with a huge smile on my face.

My secret? Well, it’s common sense – I just try and follow all those simple happiness hacks that other successful people follow.

Time Outside

Take a walk with mother nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul.

There’s nothing like being outside in nature to make a person happy. It seriously is probably the number one mental health prescription out there. A simple walk every day will suffice, but now that I’ve also included long morning dog walks into my routine, I find myself acutely happier than before.

Happy Music Vibes

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

I love music, but in the past I have been known to play mournful songs when sad or depressed. There’s nothing like being a sucker for punishment. Music is powerful, and science says that it helps activate the various pleasure centres in our brains, which results in us feeling more relaxed and calmer. Everywhere I walk now, you’ll see me with my headphones in, and on a good day, you’ll even see me walking to school singing along to Ri-Ri like I don’t have a care in the world.

Bright Lights…

Give light and people will find the way.

I’ve got to say that when I first moved to the UK I struggled. I also quickly learnt that seasonal affective disorder was a thing. It wasn’t until recently that I learnt about bright light therapy. According to my friend and science-backed research the mind can mentally benefit from any kind of light whether it’s natural or artificial. I haven’t been trying it long enough to say whether it works or not, but it does make a nice change to having dimly lit rooms.

Yogi Time

In a gentle way you can shake the world.

I’ve been practising yoga for a couple of months now and so far so good. I’m certainly nowhere near as flexible as I’d like to be, but I think I’m finally making a little bit of progress. I was chatting to my yoga instructor the other day, who told me that practising meditation like yoga on a regular basis can change the brain’s structure to promote well-being…it’s a great way to clear the head.

Let’s Get Physical

Sweat, smile and repeat!

I love to get physical. I’ve experimented with different physical activities over the last couple of months, and after some complete flops, I’ve decided to stick to the gym (it’s definitely more ‘reliable’)! For me it’s the best way to deal with stress and anxiety – it helps assuage any symptoms of depression. It’s also a great way of taking your frustration out if other people piss you off beyond belief – I’ve learnt to press delete and go hard on the treadmill and punching bag instead of wasting my time on menial people and their issues.

My happiness hacks aren’t rocket science, but I do make a conscious effort to ensure I practise them all on a regular basis. This is especially so prior to the working week commencing; it puts me in the right frame of mind – it allows me to start the week as I aim to finish – with a bang!

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