Look Awake Even If You’re Not

Where are the toothpicks? I need something to keep my eyes open! Seriously!

I require a hell of a lot of sleep to look semi-human in the morning (future husband be warned). The standard 8-hour recommended sleeping time for me is ideal, but I can confidently say that I hardly ever achieve this. I’m more of a 6-hour girl…not ideal I know, but what can you do when you’ve got so much to do in so little time? I don’t know how my mother-friends do it to be perfectly honest – RESPECT!

I spoke about faking tans the other day, well this is not the only thing I fake. I fake the awake look fairly often as well. No one looks good with red bleary eyes in the morning…

Yeah, I guess I could carry about eye drops to alleviate the redness, but doing this at work before lessons isn’t ideal either. I then end up with another eye makeup problem…panda eyes due to running mascara. In saying this, I do always have some emergency eye drops stuffed in a pocket at the bottom of my bag, but I try to avoid using them!

The eye drops for red eyes aren’t my secret weapon though. I use a pale peach non-shimmer pencil which I run across my inner water line to add instant brightness to my eyes.

Am I using this awesome peach-coloured pencil the right way?

Nope! I’m breaking even more makeup rules and I’m loving it – this is the ultimate eye makeup hack!

Part of a dual-coloured makeup pencil, this is meant to be an eyebrow highlighter that defines brows better. But trust me, it works perfectly when used along the eye’s inner rim to create that fresh morning awake look without very little effort. If you doubt the eyebrow highlighter pencil ‘awake eyes’ trick, don’t worry; it’s texture and softness are the right amount of hardness for tired-looking eyes without causing any extra eye irritation.

So, my morning eyes hack doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m sleep deprived – it’s no substitute for a decent 8 hour’s shut eye, but like I’ve said time and time again, sometimes you’ve got to fake it to make it!

Duo eyebrow highlighter pencils like this Sephora Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil will help you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed. 


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