UK Fashion Designers – Rising Talent

I’m all for supporting the locals when it comes to anything. This ranges from grocery shopping to fashion buying. UK fashion designers have always played a prominent role in the fashion world, and they manage to hold themselves impressively well next to the fashion designer giants from Italy and France.

I love a good startup brand, and startup fashion labels are the best. You can see some of the coolest items from fashion designer rising talent, some of which will most certainly be making their international mark in the near future.

The UK’s thriving creatively, and there are numerous young fashion designers with extraordinary talent, some of which are still untapped!

Thanks to the Internet, social media and of course our up-and-coming fashion designers’ talent, huge things are about to happen in the UK fashion scene, which is why I’m trying jump on board now…you know buy a few ‘investment’ pieces and all (well, that’s my excuse).

Laurie Leather


Add a little more rock n roll to your wardrobe with some hot designer hand-painted leather items. Think painted leather biker jackets, leather jeggings and even leather baseball caps…this is one way to stay classy, sassy and a lot of bad assy! Pick up your Laurie Leather jacket from Selfridges today!



A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes, and I’ve totally fallen head over heals with Neous Shoes. Forget those Miu Miu mules and Choos, I want a pair of these super cute court shoes – these might even get me ditching the ballet flats once and a while in favour of something a little more daring.

Neous Shoes are quirky shoes to say the least. With lots of interesting embellishments and wearable shoe designs, this new UK shoe label is going to give the big boys a run for their money. They’re not even in store at the moment – you need to pre-order, so make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out!



My curiosity has been piqued. Co/Mun is about to get huge, I can see it. From cute knotted shirt-dresses to striped button down shirts, Co/Mun is certainly one to watch. This is tailoring with a twist! Check out for a good selection of cool cotton wares from Co/Mun.

House of Sunny

house of sunny

House of Sunny – I love the name of this cool UK fashion rising talent as much as I love their items. A real startup success, House of Sunny shot to fame through the ASOS online marketplace. What’s more, House of Sunny is very reasonably priced, which makes them even more attractive, however, I predict the prices won’t stay like this for long, so be quick!



Bruta takes boyfriend shirts to the next level. With a range of cool and very on-trend unisex shirts, Bruta is a UK clothing label that doesn’t discriminate. Buy your favourite Bruta shirt and play swapsies with your man!



I usually like to keep it casual, but a night out is something different. I’m all about the bling, and don’t even get me started on sparkles!  16ALINGTON is bling central. Think feathers, sequins, glitter, pearls and plenty of frills, this is one new UK fashion label that’s going to be huge. With many feminine choices to be had, it’s difficult choosing just one!

Blake LDN


Every girl needs some great knitwear. Forget high street shopping for knitwear, it’s of a terribly poor standard – I’ve only just clued up to this after wasting probably thousands of pounds over the last few years buying ill-fitting pullovers and the like. Thank God for Blake LDN! The Brit-gal’s answer to quality knitwear, you’re bound to be taken by at least a couple of Blake LDN’s  sweaters so be prepared to do some serious online shopping! Winter’s still here, right?





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