Homage Teases With Retro Slogan Tees

Everywhere you go, you see slogan tees. You probably recall that I heavily criticised the Gucci branded tee not so long ago. Personally, (you might disagree) I think flaunting labels that scream ‘look at me I’m wearing designer’ is tacky…and the price is just as ridiculous.

Yes, slogan tees this year are huge, and I haven’t been overly impressed with many until now! Retro is back…finally, some clothing with edge!

Thank you Gigi Hadid for the introduction!

Last week, one of my favourite supermodels of present, Gigi Hadid, was seen leaving the Chanel Show wearing a very cool and retro-looking tee emblazoned with Karl Lagerfeld.

So cool and oh-so rock n roll; I love this retro tee by Homage Tees. Emulating Gigi Hadid with a Karl Lagerfeld tee is the look I’m going for, but any child of the 80s and 90s is going to go crazy when they see the selection of Homage Tees with some cult icons that includes Joanna Lumley, Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince, and get this – Sir David David Attenborough. And for just £29, you can’t go wrong!

They’re all pretty ‘out-there’ and cool in their own right – I’m just not sure which one I love the most!

Check out the Homage Tees and site and comment below which is your fav!

Pick up this awesome vintage inspired retro tee from Homage Tees – it’s Fabulous darling!

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