Victoria’s Secret Funny Side Revealed

Victoria Beckham, who’s been making her mark more than ever recently, proved that she’s got a wicked sense of humour despite critics saying otherwise. Often mocked for her serious look and stern pout, Victoria Beckham‘s so-called conservative side is usually a running joke…the question on casual observers’ lips is usually something along the lines of “Does Victoria Beckham ever smile?”

Victoria Beckham’s interview with US Glamour way back in 2012 says it all. She was quoted as saying “I think I probably stopped smiling when I entered the fashion world. Fashion stole my smile! I guess it was me who created this person!” Candid and speaking tongue and cheek, at least she recognises it, right? Her non-smile is clearly her armour!

If I were VB, I’d be sick of answering that question and explaining my non-smile – hell if I don’t want to smile one day, I won’t! It seems VB shares the same sentiments – she’s designed and wearing a cool designer slogan t-shirt that says it all in block letters – FASHION STOLE MY SMILE!

I love it! And, I love how Victoria Beckham is throwing it all back in her detractors’ faces – you go girl!

And even better news – you can buy your own VB FASHION STOLE MY SMILE t-shirt from her Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection.

It’s clearly the year of the designer logo T-shirt. We’ve seen Dior t-shirts, Gucci t-shirts and Chanel t-shirts to name a few, but I’m all for Victoria’s slogan tee- it rocks!

vb tee
Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing her cheeky slogan tee at LAX paired with a chic pair of extra-wide leg black trousers. Of course she’s not smiling – that would take away all credibility from her cool designer tee!



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