Scandi Style and the Art of Minimalism

Forget hygge and all the other nordic lifestyle ways of life that we’ve treated as trends, it’s all about the style – Scandi style (yes, there’s such a thing).

Not so long ago, when someone I know went to Denmark, they made a passing comment how I could totally pass as a Dane. Was it the blonde hair and blue eyes? Or was it my love for everything so simple? Having done a bit more research, I guess I tick all of the above categories, but there’s one more thing that may make me passable (just) – Scandi style – boy do the Scandanavians know how to dress  – some of the coolest minimalist fashion comes from Scandi brands, we just don’t realise it!

And if that’s not enough to make me lust over Scandi fashion, this is – most of the clothes are relatively affordable. Designer in looks and high street in price – just another reason to fall in love with Scandi style clothing.

If you’re wondering what Scandi style is, it’s simple. Neutral palettes, laid-back tailoring, classic cuts, and simplistic prints are what make Scandi style one of the most sought after looks throughout Europe!

Scandinavian designers are pretty cool, but they pale in comparison to Scandinavian bloggers. Scandi bloggers have made their marks and are now some of the coolest bloggers in the business. I’ve started following two influential Scandinavian bloggers – check out Trine Kjaer (@trineswardrobe) and Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek) for some serious Scandi brand inspiration – these girls are the epitome of Scandi style and with good reason!

Scandinavian bloggers aside, there’s one thing that makes Scandi style real, and that’s the local Scandi brands behind them. I’m addicted, and probably should hold off on visiting Denmark, Norway and Sweden until my bank balance is looking a little healthier.

Scandi designers and brands have been around for years, but it’s only now we’re beginning to embrace Scandi style and covet the Nordic look. I’m guessing how we’ve embarked on the Scandi lifestyle and turned them into lifestyle trends has a big part to play in all of this – hygge is a prime example.

Hygge in Denmark is a way of life, however, the UK and other parts of Europe are guilty of cashing in on what should be a way of genuinely living. It’s rather embarrassing how we react to beautiful ways of life from around the world – it makes me think back to a person not so long ago, who bought a cosy chunky knit blanket and some matching throw pillows for the flat and was almost jumping up and down with excitement, squealing ‘I’m so hygge right now!’ (cue, cringe!) And then this person proceeded to show me how to ‘artfully’ throw a blanket on a bed in said ‘hygge fashion’.

Scandi style is coveted for a number of reasons. Number one, it’s affordable, which is a massive plus in my books. Two, Scandi fashion is what the industry often refers to as wearable fashion. And finally, the Scandi look beautifully maintains a polished and clean cut, oh and the quality feel to any Scandinavian branded clothing is second to none!

One of the big players in the Scandi fashion industry is Baum und Pferdgarten, which can conveniently be purchased through ASOS. Baum und Pferdgarten offer us a cool simple look with a Gucci-esque edge to it. Floral printed dresses, minimalistic glittery cardigans and capes are some of its standout pieces.

Personally, when it comes to Scandi style inspo, I prefer that off-duty laid-back look, such as that of Fillipa K from Sweden. Classic cuts and oversized trenches are more my look, and the fact that you can pull this look off without overdoing your makeup and hair is even more appealing – in fact, less is more when it comes to Scandi beauty, which is reason #1001 why to embrace Scandi beauty and style more! I’m personally loving the linen range and the plethora of simple wide-legged trousers from Fillipa K – one word – NEED!

Another Scandi fashion house worth mentioning is Cecilie Copenhagens. You’d be surprised as to how you can inject something new and exciting into your wardrobe with minimalistic accessories and the clothing.

Scandi style is so underrated and minimalistic, but perhaps that’s its secret, and perhaps this is why Scandi fashion lovers always look so effortlessly cool.

Gathered contrasting cuffs make this simple pullover from Baum und Pferdgarten the ideal top for mixing and matching – another Scandi style mantra!
This is on my Scandi style wish list. This gorgeous boyfriend trench coat in dusky peach is the perfect in between season coat by Samsoe Samsoe.
It’s love and I’m clicking buy on this Samsoe and Samsoe maxi dress. Yay for upcoming weddings and excuses to shop!
This loose fitting monochrome midi dress from Cecilie Copenhagen is so effortlessly cool. It makes me want to go and explore lands afar.
To truly pull off the Scandi style effortless look, your dress will be modest and simple, like this maxi denim skirt from Gestuz.
Ganni is at the forefront Danish fashion. This ditsy print Ganni dress in chiffon is the perfect outfit into the city.

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