WTF Manicure – Pierced Nails Are Back

Pierced nails – I wish I could express my voice more through writing when I say “They’re back!” When the words play in my head, there’s a sense of creepiness. Forget the little horror movie playing out in my head, grunge nails are back in full swing. No idea what grunge nails are? You clearly didn’t grow up in the 90s, wore heavy makeup and idolized Kurt Cobain. No idea who Kurt Cobain is, then I give up! We’ve just experienced a brief flirtation with 80s fashion, now the 90s trends are well and truly here. Grunge nails are at the forefront and even my nail lady asked if I wanted pierced nails.

I looked at Shakira (yes, my nail technician’s from the Cayman Islands…she’s got an excuse) as if she were crazy. Pierced nails, me?


The ‘ouch’ bit ran through my head even though I know very well that getting nails pierced doesn’t actually hurt.

Regardless of whether I love pierced grungy nails or not, they’re back, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. In fact, they’re just beginning to enjoy their comeback – it has been over 20 years after all.

Pieced nails – now these are two words that we don’t really hear together these days, especially if you’re younger than 30.

Let me give you a quick refresh about this 2017 nail trend.

If I recall correctly, it was Janet Jackson who brought pierced nails into the spotlight back in the 90s. She was often seen rocking artistically designed pierced nails on and off stage. After a few years of fame, the popularity of pierced manicures waned, until now. And it’s Kim Kardashian who’s resurrected this once popular pierced nail trend.

Now, like many people, I’m not a massive fan of KK. And in the past Ms. Kardashian has made some rather dubious choices when it comes to fashion and make up. This meant I had to dig a little more to see if pierced nails are actually a thing or whether Kim was hoping that this beauty and nail trend would catch on once again thanks to her influence.

Social media, notably Instagram, quickly revealed that pierced nails are very much back in fashion. Despite how impractical they look for everyday wear, there’s a host of mani mavens sporting long pierced manicured nails, which ranges from simple and understated to outrageous!

I’m still not sold. I prefer the classier nail art look (without any wacky nail piercings). And despite my once allegiance to Nirvana, I won’t be buying into this 2017 spring nail trend. However, for people who want to experiment with nail piercings, the options are truly limitless.

A lot of the time, they’re small simple hoop rings that have been punched through the nail’s tip. Other times nail piercings are more extravagant with hanging pendants or jewels, or in some cases heavy chains…the latter is when the law of physics boggles.

Check out some of the pierced nails I’ve caught a glimpse of so far…

The next question is, would you dare to sport pierced nails?

Whether you like it or not, you’ll be seeing this nail trend a lot.
Adjoining chains add a little bit of a harder edge to these pierced nails.
Kim Kardashian’s pierced nails caused a lot of chatter on Instagram lately.
Nail piercings can go from simple hoops to the wackier more personalised charms. 
Hand henna’s pretty, and these Bindi inspired nails are just as cute! 
Contrasting colours, nail piercings and a bit of gold bling make these nails bang on trend. 
Geometric patterns, bold colours and chained nails make these the ultimate grunge nails. 

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