Help…it’s Wedding Season and I Need a Fascinator

I love the drama of a hat…I just wish I could wear one!

Fascinating fascinators…oh, how very royal and uber British. With a few weddings in the pipeline , I’ve got a brilliant excuse to go shopping (um, yeah like I need one). Usually, my wedding guest outfit would consist of a cute wedding guest dress, a pair of uncomfortable heels, and the obligatory purse, but given the fact that I’m living in the UK at present, there’s also one more thing…I need a fascinator…or do I?

Thinking back to all the weddings and posh events I’ve attended in the past, I only recall ever wearing a fascinator once, and admittedly that was to a wedding here in the UK before I did the big upheaval and made this my for-now home. I don’t really think playing with my mum’s bridal fascinator and using it as a dress-up prop when I was in nursery counts.

Talking to my female friends, wedding guest fascinators were very passé not too long ago, but thanks to Kate Middleton et al, wearing a fascinator to a wedding or special event is once again de riguer.

Oh, quelle horreur!

My initial thought was “Fuck, I need a fascinator!” This was quickly followed by “This wedding’s getting even more expensive than I first anticipated!” Then it was “I don’t even suit headwear!” And finally, “It’ll mess up my hair!”

Being the type of girl, who obviously wants to look great, especially at a wedding, I’m a little out of my usual shopping comfort zone…and trust me, this takes a lot!

Not only do I want to look the part, not stand out too much, I also want to put a little bit of edge into what could otherwise be (what I’d consider to be) a run-of-the-mill wedding guest fascinator.

Obviously, I need to go and face the crowds in the city centre and start my mission of trying on a bunch of random occasion fascinators (there’s no way I’m risking buying this one online given my recent online purchase fails).

My need for a wedding fascinator has now become my priority…I’m almost obsessing over it! It needs to be many things – it needs to me, it needs to be flattering and obviously it needs to be pretty…oh, and comfortable. The idea of resembling anything like Princess B at the Royal Wedding makes me shudder! But seriously, how can a girl, who wears fascinators X times in a year get it so incredibly wrong?

Step number one – buy the occasion dress first!

This is where I face my first hurdle…

I’m breaking the wedding guest rules and forgoing the dress…a stylish jumpsuit it is! And this is something I’m also yet to buy, but I do have my eyes on a cool Zara jumpsuit in brilliant blue…so not only do I not know what I’d look like in a fascinator, I have no idea how to pair a hat or fascinator with a bang on trend jumpsuit that’s already likely to turn heads and get people talking.

The advice I’ve been given is to go neutral or monochrome! A blue fascinator with a blue jumpsuit? Ugh…but then I’ve also got to consider accessories as well! Who would’ve thought that trying to find the right fascinator to suit me and my non-existent wedding guest outfit would turn into such an ordeal?

…and what about my hair?

My aim is to create a classic and timeless look – think along the lines of Audrey Hepburn circa 1960 meets Jennifer Lawrence…I don’t want to look back at photos and say WTF?

So, I’ve done my research. It would seem that the favourite fascinator style for the 2017 wedding season is the disc fascinator. Super simple, worn slightly slanted, and a favourite of Kate Middleton…wear it with your hair up or down, the disc fascinator promises to add that final mature classy touch to your wedding guest look.

Personally, I’m favouring the glamour veiled look…more of a Madonna-inspired Vogue look!

I know I want demure, and I want classy, but I strive to be creative…a quick Google search revealed that there’s a plethora of wedding guest fascinators out there from the pricier independent milliners such as Lock Hatters and Philip Treacy to a more affordable upper-end high street style from one of my favourite department stores, John Lewis.

If I opt for my avant-garde fashion forward electric blue Zara jumpsuit, what colour fascinator do I go for? What about the style? The size? (Size matters!)

The world of hats and fascinators is a whole new ball game for me, all I know is I need a fascinator, and I need one quick. It looks like I’ll be trailing the High Street this coming weekend in search of the perfect jumpsuit-fascinator combo!

So here are a few of my Zara jumpsuit choices…which fascinator would you choose? Help a girl out! Taking votes on my “I need a fascinator crisis” AND jumpsuits! Or if you’ve got any other suggestions for either, let me know!


With a rounded neck, short sleeves and exposed shoulders, I love the mix of the smocked fabric and the button up back!
zara 2
I adore this colour, and it’s my number one pick. The V-neck will flatter as will the flowing shape, and the lace choker detail will add that extra special something!
Dare I wear black to a wedding? I love the delicate faux pearl detailing on the shoulder straps…I’m pretty sure I’d wear this one again!




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