Wicker Basket Bags Jane Birkin Style – It’s Love

I spent 6 hours in Leeds shopping last Saturday. I was looking for something in particular, and of course Sod’s Law meant that I didn’t actually find what it was I desperately needed, and it probably means that I need to go back to the drawing board, but I did notice something – a not-so-new bag trend (think Jane Birkin without the  Hermès price tag) – the basket bag – it’s ubiquitous, and I’m thrilled – it turns out there’s more use for my wicker basket bag than just the beach after all!

Anyone who loves bags and accessories as much as me knows very well who Jane Birkin is. The famous black and white images of Jane Birkin in the 70s with her cool wicker basket bag slung casually over her arm conjures up images of uber chic that were far far ahead of her time.

While I already own one wicker shopper, the colourful window displays of Leeds City Centre did ignite a new love for this forever it-bag, and since I didn’t find what I was looking for the other day, I may just have to treat myself (again).

The wicker-come-straw Birkin-inspired bag is what I’d refer to as an all-rounder bag – it’s so versatile and really cute. Perfect for absolutely any occasion whatsoever (just go back to pictures from the Spring17 NYFW for proof…it was the must-have front row receptacle), this is the bag choice of the summer, but this year, I’ll be taking mine to more places than the Greek Islands. In fact, it might be the perfect bag to haul my ‘kitchen sink’ home with me when I head home in the summer. It might also be the perfect finish for my  airport outfit look.

My only complaint with my current one is that I lose absolutely everything in it (my fault entirely)! Admittedly, I do have the tendency to throw absolutely anything and everything in there and then spend a good 5 minutes searching for my keys. This is another valid reason to go out and snap up a new one – the on trend Birkin-esque wicker basket has now also gone mini, so hopefully the days of me losing my phone and having my friend call me for me to only find it wedged between books and other junk in my bag are over.

Now the true test will be, can I stop at just one summer wicker basket?


When my style icon of all time, Alexa Chung, is sporting it, I know it’s fab!
Similar to my wicker shopper bag, this is the perfect size for me to carry absolutely everything I need from my school books to my macbook.
The shape may be ridiculous to some, but I absolutely adore this Sex in the City-esque bucket bag – so cute!
Probably the most practical of the lot, this cross body straw bag can be dressed up or down – think along the lines of VB! Love it!




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