Exit Boyfriend, Enter Girlfriend (Jeans)

Forget boyfriend jeans and mom jeans, this season it’s all about girlfriend jeans. I’m lucky I don’t follow jeans fashion trends too much – I’d be buying a new pair every month or so, but I have to say I do love the classic more FLATTERING cut of girlfriend jeans.

I heart jeans. I actually don’t have any clue where I’d be without them and I think most people would agree – jeans are a staple, but other than this they’re also a massive fashion must-have. If I had the choice, I’d be in jeans almost every day…I do miss the days of wearing jeans with heels to work – suits just aren’t me!

Boyfriend jeans were cool, I still think they are. I love that casual slouchy nonchalant look they offer. Mom jeans however, weren’t so much…unflattering and drawing attention to my least favourable body parts, I can’t say the one pair of mom jeans I stupidly purchased on a whim from Top Shop were aired more than once.

Jeans trends come and go and it didn’t take long for the ‘Girlfriend jean’ to become the cool girl’s standard go-to pair of jeans, but what are they?

Boyfriend jeans will be forever my cult favs. Having hit the fashion scene during the mid-90s, these were the slouchy more casual jeans that showed off (if you had it) a taut midriff. This is when my distress denim crush all began – and long may it continue!

Although I have had a long love affair with boyfriend jeans, I’m now also loving girlfriend jeans more for one thing – they’re way more flattering!

Classic in their style with a slightly slimmer fit on the hips and a higher waist than boyfriend jeans (but not as ridiculously high as mom jeans), girlfriend jeans are the must-have jeans fit this season.

Hallelujah for the boyfriend jeans that have had a much-needed feminine makeover – girlfriend jeans rock!


Are you looking for some inspo to style girlfriend jeans? Here’s how!







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