Wanderlust Determination and Why I Now Need to Travel Even More than Ever

I’m almost at the point of not wanting to read the news anymore. Every time I do, I feel saddened and sickened. The state of the world is unfathomable and I just fail to understand why people do what they do.

I’m frustrated beyond belief. Tragedy surrounds us whether it’s at home or abroad, and the recent senseless terrorist attacks that were virtually in my backyard have made it even more of a reality. I do try to wrap my head around everything that’s going on in the world, and when my young students ask me “Why?” I fail to have an explanation, because to be completely honest, I just don’t know – I don’t know why anyone would ever want to hurt another human being – it makes me sick to the stomach just thinking about it.

I try to remain positive every day. My new found positive outlook on life is almost extreme, and I am fully aware that it does drive some people up the wall when I try to find the good in everything and everyone. Not only am I working on myself, trying to remain positive and learn from my own personal tragedies, I’m also determined to remain positive when a select few try to incite fear and terror, what else can I do?

My conscious choice to remain positive no matter what happens is my prerogative. I choose to live a life of happiness because during the last year and half, my world and my family’s worlds have been filled with sorrow and heartbreak and of course countless others around the world have faced personal losses and tragedy as well.

No matter what’s going on around me, I choose to continue to laugh and smile, even if it’s sometimes through my tears. I’ll continue to give my heart, friendship and support while I pursue my path of learning. I want to believe that the majority of people are good, but fuck me, sometimes this is a challenge, especially when you hear about people strapping suicide bombs to themselves, driving cars into innocent crowds and brutally murdering vulnerable blameless children attending their pop idol’s concert. Don’t even get me started on what I think about the post-Brexit racism that appears to be so blatant and ubiquitous.

Every time I mull over the recent terror events and social issues that plague our society I’m filled with a helpless sense of guilt – there’s nothing I can really do other than continue teaching my students how to be good human beings and living a good and honest life myself.

After contemplating life (probably a little too much), I’ve reached the conclusion there is something I can do – I can travel, we all can!

This may seem self-indulgent and I’m sure it would be met with criticism by some, but fuck it, I’m going to continue to do what I love doing, and that is discover my world. My future travel plans may not solve the world’s problems and I may even come across as selfish here, but here’s the thing…

They want us to be scared! The media doesn’t help either – it’s telling us to cower and be scared of others, but consider this – maybe, just maybe travel will connect us and show us how much of this dread and panic is unsupported.

Do I think that travel is going to solve the world’s problems in an instant?

No, not at all – I’m not that naive. But I will tell you this – I’ve traveled the world, I have done so since I was a little girl, and I’ve also lived in eight different countries and along the way I’ve met a shitload of travellers, travellers just like me and many other incredible people, all of whom have fascinating stories to tell.

Those people were friendly, approachable, open-minded, generous, and inquisitive – there are so many other positive adjectives I could list, but you get my gist. Like me, those travellers are curious, they have a desire to learn about the places they travel to, meet the locals and get to know the culture, and in some cases even learn the language.

These assholes and cowards who continue to torment us and create a world of fear by committing disgusting inhumane acts want us to feel just this – it’s their aim to make us hate. I refuse to close my mind and heart and the metaphorical walls they’re trying to build (OK in Trump’s case it’s actually a bona fide wall), I will try my hardest to topple.

I’m not buying into the uncertainty. I certainly will never judge another person based on their colour of their skin, creed, name or country. I believe in diversity and that’s the one thing I love about the UK – it’s a true melting pot of beauty.

I will continue to travel, I will go off the beaten track and I will try my damnedest to interact with others, even if it’s just a simple “Hello”. I believe that it’s about breaking down barriers, and yes as cliche as it may sound – life is too fucking short!

Travelling more than ever is like an act of defiance, and no matter what happens, no one’s going to steal my wanderlust and no one ever puts Vic in the corner!


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