Calorific Coffees – Goodbye Soy Latte

I really think I have an OCD coffee disorder, and while I’ll argue and defend my coffee addiction to others, stating it’s more like I’m in a committed relationship with coffee, it’s fair to say, I can’t go a day without caffeine whether it’s my standard filter coffee with milk or my personal coffee favourite – a soy latte!

Most of you are probably aware that I’m on a bit of a fitness kick, which also includes counting calories and the like. It gets tedious, but it has definitely made me more aware of what I’m putting into my mouth. In saying this, the lazy girl inside me has been failing to enter my coffee calories into my fitness pal app – perhaps I knew deep down that my favourite soy latte was super calorific and a no-go in terms of dieting! Sigh!

So how many calories are in a soy latte? The details are grim – just check out the dietary table below. It would seem that my tri-weekly soy latte treat from the local cafe around the corner from work has more calories than what I originally thought!

It may be that I now have to leave my religious drinking of soy lattes to cheat day – agh! The name itself is a little misleading – soy latte – isn’t soy milk supposed to be the super duper alternative to milk?

And as far as the most popular high street cafes are concerned, it would seem that Caffè Nero is the place to head for a caffeine fix when counting calories, however, a medium-sized soy latte still boasts 134 calories, and when I think about my restricted 1200 calorie diet that I’m trying to follow, this is not cool!

So, I’ve got my sad face on – RIP soy latte!


Starbucks 131 82 148 92
Costa 103 90 134 113
Caffè Nero 51 27 135 36
Pret a Manger 118 92 112 106



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