Impractical, but Oh-So Chic – The White Jeans Trend

I don’t think that there’s ever been a more impractical pair of pants, but despite its quixotic status, the white jeans trend just keeps on coming back.

White denim is ubiquitous right now. Fashion bloggers, social media fashion influencers and celebrity fashion icons, such as my fav, Alexa Chung have all been seen sporting the white jeans trend.

In the past, I’ve owned a few pairs of white jeans, and yes, I’m going to admit they’re totally ridiculous; well, for me anyway. Within an hour or so, you can guarantee there’ll be at least one mark on them.

But if this crazy heatwave we’re experiencing continues, I’ll be buying into the resurrected white jeans trend once again. Forget the absurdity and impracticality of it all, worn the right way, white jeans are ever so chic. My love affair with France and anything French also makes me more inclined to jump on the white jeans bandwagon – a Breton top and a pair of fitted white jeans – pourquois pas?

My Instagram feed has been very busy of late – it tells me you don’t even need to do the whole stripy thing with them, because there’s a multitude of fashionable ways to wear your white jeans. I may have to start being more cautious and embrace the white jeans trend again, because to me there’s nothing like slipping into a pair of jeans – I’d do it every day if I had it my way!


Along with my favourite summer accessory, the Instagram hat, white jeans are trending. Check out how some of our leading fashion influencers are doing the white jeans trend! How are you going to wear yours?


Vogue Festival 2015 - 'Fashion, Parties and All-Out Glam: Olivier Rousteing and Alexa Chung'
White on white – Alexa Chung is in vogue with the latest 2017 white jeans trend.
Floral Off The Shoulder Top + White Denim
A contrasting floral crop top and tan leather accessories bring the white jeans trend to life – hola summer!
A pair of skinny jeans and matching white sneakers coupled with a loose slogan tee make for the perfect travel outfit this summer.
Flirty and fab – an off-the-shoulder lace top in blush pairs beautifully with a pair of ripped skinny white jeans.
Probably the look I’d go for. Work the white jeans trend with a frilly denim blue blouse and rock the streets of Europe this summer.
Cool, with not a care in the world. A pair of white distressed jeans and a blue denim jacket is a timeless casual look that will give you some serious street cred!
simple and cute outfits
A French fancy. Stripes on white…love it! The leopard print heels are a cool touch too!
Show off your summer glow and embrace the white jeans trend in all its glory.

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