On Reinventing Skinny Jeans

OK, so I’m not reinventing skinny jeans per se, but I’m not throwing them out in favour of other jeans. Yes, I recently spoke about my love for girlfriend jeans, but I can safely say skinny jeans will always feature in my wardrobe. Skinny jeans are my go-to jeans. Teamed with a loose fitting tee, my leather bomber and a pair of heels or Converse trainers (depending on my mood), there’s no better casual outfit. In fact, I love skinny jeans so much, they’re one piece of clothing that I’d love to still be wearing when I’m 70-years-old, and why not?

Skinny jeans have been with me for years – through the thick and thin of everything. They were my first proper pair of jeans as a child (albeit they were a basic brand). I religiously wore them in the 90s when idolising Kurt Cobain. I wore them over and over again at uni, because that’s what you did. And my first pair of really expensive designer jeans were indeed a pair of trusty skinny jeans, which if I could still fit, I’d wear to death!

There’s no denying it, skinny jeans have long been a staple, and you, like me, have probably worn them throughout most of your life. Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, bootcut jeans…they’re going to come and go, which is why a pair of skinny jeans is not only flattering, they’ll also be your best friend as far jeans go.

In saying this, I guess skinny jeans can grow tiresome, especially if they’ve been in your life for years, but let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere, which is why we need to reinvent them and re-wear them time and time again. This is how I’m doing it…

Denim on Denim with Skinny Jeans

Before you conjure up images of Britney and Justin back in their teenage prime, consider this – in the right denim a girl can conquer the world (well this is what I feel anyway).

This 2017 jean/denim trend is chic and simple. It definitely isn’t embellished with OTT sparkles from the 90s – everything is clean-cut – think girl next-door. I love the way a pair of skinny jeans and a crisp denim shirt just work, and paired with a pair of neutral-coloured shoes, the ensemble screams downtown city girl as opposed to cowgirl.


Forget the Tights, Go Skinny Instead

I remember back in the day when I was doing my GCSEs that wearing pants (or should I say trousers for all you Brits) under a dress was the fashionable thing to do. It was cool then (momentarily), but it didn’t last long, so now it’s time to revive it.

Do it right and you’ll pull off the ultimate when it comes to a casual-come-dressy attire. I also think this particular skinny jean trend ensemble is going to last longer than its predecessor, because when you think about it, this is a great way of taking some of your favourite summer dresses into the next season, which for me is a massive plus since I’m missing half the summer back in the UK.

Mastering the skinny jeans under a dress look is easy. Simply envisage replacing your leggings or tights with a pair of skinny jeans instead. Long maxi split and slip dresses work best. Oh, and a pair of heels is absolutely essential!

Constrast Neutrals, Go Monochrome

To me there’s no chicer (and safer) colour combo than black and white.

I’m a massive fan of my black skinnies…and like I mentioned last week, white skinny jeans are just as cool. The monochrome look will make any outfit appear stylish. Black skinny jeans and a cool white blouse is my go-to work outfit. But I’m going to throw it out there – monochrome isn’t just for work, it can take you anywhere from those after-work Friday evening drinks to a first date.

I get that the entire idea of black on white (or vice versa) seems basic – it is, but that’s what I love about it, and this is not a look that’s hard to screw up…

Statement Tops and Baby Blue

Back in the day when I was idolising Cobain et al, it was a basic tee with skinny jeans – yawn! Thank God this season is all about the statement sleeves and baby blue, and what goes best with this trend? Skinny jeans of course!

I must admit that I overdid it with the baby blue statement sleeve top. I have one in almost every style from ruffled necklines to cold shoulders to off the shoulders to bell sleeves. Blue on blue, just like denim on denim, is usually considered to be a significant fashion faux-pas, but trust me, this light baby blue adds the perfect summery feel to your favourite blue skinnies.

Do it with a Pair of Statement Boots

I’m a self-confessed shoe lover, preferably anything with a heel, however you can’t really go wrong with a cool pair of ankle boots and skinny jeans combo. This is a no-fail look, but to really look like you’ve just walked off an editorial shoot, check out ankle boots in bold prints.

Snakeskin, flowers, laser cuts and studs…these are all ways you can re-vamp your skinny jeans look with boots. If you’re looking for a comfy look, a chunky low heel is a must, but if you want to take on the world like I do, the stiletto heel is the way forward!




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