Crushin’ on Stiletto Boots


I know it’s summer time, which would normally mean me rocking an array of cute summer platform shoes, but since I’m missing half of my European summer anyway, I’m looking forward towards autumn when the cooler weather sets in and I can rock a few pairs of stiletto boots.

Stiletto boots – if a shoe (or should I say boot) were ever to be sexy, stiletto boots would win hands down.

Ideal for walking through crunchy fallen autumnal leaves, navigating the bustling streets of the city centre and grabbing a leisurely coffee with your girlfriends, stiletto boots are one of my favourite styles. Whether it’s fringed stiletto boots made out of suede or open-toed stiletto boots to take you from summer to autumn, they’ll always remain one of my favourite boot styles. I’m especially crushin’ on Steve Madden’s Flapper style stiletto boots – they’re lush!


This ‘flapper’ stiletto boot by Steven Madden is calling my name!
Jaime - Mouse Schutz
I’m also a massive fan of the Jamie in Mouse Schutz heels – perfect for date nights!

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