Jelly Masks for the Face – An Inedible Treat

Jelly conjures up images of my childhood. It was one of mum’s quick go-to desserts. It was also the after-dinner treat when we were sick or had wisdom teeth out. I may not eat jelly now per se (I’ve discovered there’s more to the dessert repertoire since then), however I am still partial to a bit of trifle now and again for old times sake. I used to love all things jelly from the dessert (with cream was the best) to jelly tot sweets. Now I’m a bit older (and a little more health conscious), I’ve discovered a different form of inedible jelly – introducing jelly masks for the face.

Perhaps it is just a skincare fad, but I’ve jumped all over the jelly mask for the face trend. There’s nothing like a hit of much-needed hydration in the height of summer to refresh, which is probably why the jelly mask face mask has suddenly taken off.

As far as skin types go, I’d throw myself into the combination skin camp. But even still, this is the time of year my skin’s screaming for some mega loving and a serious dose of hydration…the 30+ hours of plane travel certainly didn’t help the situation.

So, you can imagine I was more than happy to play guinea pig and sample some of these refreshing jelly masks for the face. Until you try it for yourself, it’s really tricky to describe the feel a jelly mask offers. Perhaps an instant thirst-quenching tonic for parched skin would be the best descriptor, which can be compared to my real tonic in the form of GnT on a hot summer’s day.

Not too little, not too much, a jelly-textured face mask offers you a decent amount of moisture without going OTT. My skin’s definitely tired at the moment…travel does that to it, which makes the jelly mask my new bff when it comes to skincare, and that’s not the best thing – the hydrating jelly face mask is undetectable…no one has to know, so gone are the days of scaring the postman when I answer the door with a green face.

Here are a few jelly masks for the face that I recommend.

Bliss Fabulous Drench ‘n’ Quench 


Super refreshing and pale blue in colour, the Bliss Fabulous Drench ‘n’ Quench jelly face mask turns to small water droplets once massaged gently into the skin. The absorption rate is quick, and the results are immediately visible – you’ll notice there’s a slight plumpness to the skin. With vitamin E, plant seed oil and algae extracts, it’s no wonder that this facial jelly mask acts as an excellent hydrator. Leave on overnight or wash it off after 10-15 minutes, the choice is yours.

Erborian Waterlock Mask 

This hydrating jelly mask for the face can be used in a few different ways. A 10-minute rinse-off face mask works as a quick hydration injection, or when used as an overnight face mask treatment, you’ll treat yourself to some deep pore cleansing. The secret ingredient, hailed by the Japanese, is bamboo sap, which is a superpowered humectant. Rich in minerals and animo acids, the Erborian Waterlock Mask is the ideal way to help your skin retain all its moisture levels.


Fresh Rose Face Mask 

An old fav, this is where you need to pay heed to the old adage – don’t judge a book by its cover – its brown gooey consistency may not be pleasing to the eye, but it feels like heaven on the skin. With an instant cooling and refreshing effect, this rose-infused fragrant jelly mask for the face feels like it’s almost melting into the skin. With some great ingredients, the Fresh Rose Face Mask contains rose extracts, rose water, cucumber, aloe vera and green tea – you can’t get anything more revitalising than this.



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