Polka Dot Trend for Flirtatious Fun

According to Marc Jacobs, “There’s never a wrong time for polka dots”, and I’d have to concur. I’ve always been a massive fan of them whether the fashion mags say they’re in or out – polka dots are fabulous, and I’m secretly loving the Summer 2017 polka dot trend.

To tick off one of the biggest summer trends this season, you need to embrace the polka dot trend. Thankfully, I already have an abundance of polka dot covered items in my wardrobes, but like the little black dress, I’m a firm believer that the polka dot look is timeless.

The polka dot trend has been spamming my Instagram newsfeed of late, and there’s one dress that really stands out – it even has ruffles, which in my books is an extra-added bonus. It didn’t take me long to click on it, only to find myself immersed into a whole new delightful world of flirty summer dresses and polka dots…

Introducing Realisation – a fresh Californian brand that’s home to a flurry of polka dot trend inspiration. A quick browse through their offerings and it didn’t take me long to find a polka dot dress (or two) to lust after. The Alexandra polka dot wrap dress screams romantic dinner date or a lead-up to a hot night of passion. Whatever it is, I’d have to agree with the brand – this polka dot trending dress is the ultimate ‘get-out-of-jail card’ – who could ever be pissed with you when you’re wearing this cute little number?

How would I wear this trending dress? Paired with a cute pair of understated neutral coloured court shoes, a small bold clutch with natural barely there makeup, this is a look that allows the polka dot trend to really shine…there won’t be any need to batter those eyelids…just saying!


Dress: Realisation 

Dress: Realisation 

Dress: Net-A-Porter

Playsuit: River Island


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