H&M X Erdem – A Heavenly Collab

H&M is a classic high street store known for its amazing high street designer collaborations. Every year you can expect at least a few massive H&M designer collabs, and whenever one’s announced, you just know it’s going to be a massive deal, which is why when the latest H&M designer collaboration brought the creative visionary Baz Luhrmann on board to create a short film to complement it, you know it can’t be missed. Yes, finally, the H&M designer collaboration we’ve all been waiting for is in the midst – H&M X Erdem.

All H&M X designer collaborations have been hits, and after the off-the-charts successful H&M X Balmain collaboration way back in 2015, I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if any future H&M designer collaborations were ever going to live up to the Balmain’s calibre.

Erdem Moralioglu’s runway collections are usually well beyond my price point, but the new H&M X Erdem collaboration is my way of getting my hands on some signature styles for a fraction of the cost, which of course is music to my ears.

Undeniably timeless in their style, Erdem Moralioglu’s pieces are guaranteed to showcase femme silhouettes, dainty feminine patterns and luxe-feel fabrics, all with a unique modern touch.

Not too dissimilar to Moralioglu’s designs, Luhrmann’s teaser film is romantic, dreamy and dramatic which suits my personality and perception of style down to a tee. Check it out below!

Here are some of my favourite H&M X Erdem pieces curated by yours truly! November 2 can’t come quickly enough!




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