Haters Gonna Hate

Dear Haters, I have so much more fucking awesome stuff for you to be mad at me about, just be patient and watch!

You know those haters – they act as if they don’t like you or they don’t want to see you succeed, but at the same time, they’re going to be checking your social media pages religiously. I’m sure my own haters are going to be like – damn, Vic hasn’t revealed too much about her personal life or dreams as of late, time for an obligatory Facebook stalking session. I see my blog stats in Richmond North Yorkshire continue to increase (so if you’re reading “Hello” ;))…

The topic of haters isn’t exactly what I wanted to focus on, but it is somewhat related.


To my goals!

I always used to share my goals. I’d share them with anyone who was willing to listen. I used them as my own form of intrinsic motivation – sharing them pushed me. I especially loved reading messages of encouragement from friends, family and sometimes people I didn’t even know.

It didn’t take me long though to realise that sharing absolutely ALL my goals publicly wasn’t perhaps the smartest thing I was doing…

It’s all good in theory…

I quickly learnt that there were a surprising amount of individuals that loved drinking their daily dose of Hateshake. These people, aka the haters, the pessimists, the dream killers, and the negative people, would do anything to rain on your parade and shit on your dreams.

While I am a strong person, and I don’t take crap from others, hearing people dis your dreams only to find more problems than solutions is sometimes enough to destroy even the toughest of people.

This is why I’ve limited my goal-sharing…I’ve kept my GIVE UP goals public!

I’m going to GIVE UP ordering take outs…

I’m going to GIVE UP eating cake (I’m trying)…

I’m going to GIVE UP wasting food…

I’m going to GIVE UP mid-week pub nights…

I don’t care about sharing my GIVE UP goals. They’re usually connected to bad habits that need breaking anyway. I’ll continue to share them because I know that I’ll get the words of encouragement I need to follow through with them.

As far as my aspirational goals go, I’ve got many. I dream BIG, what can I say? These are the goals I’m not going to share with everyone – only those I trust, only the ones I know that don’t hate on others’ dreams.

ME: I’m going quit my job and start my own business.

HATER: Hmmm OK, we’ll see about that.

ME: I’m going to sign up for the charity boxing challenge.

HATER: Do you think you’ve got it in you?

ME: I’m going to work on recruitment and marketing strategies.

HATER: Ha! You’re wasting your time. That’s a lost cause…

Bla bla bla bla bla…

The above type of goals are the goals I’m only going to share with people I know are going to relish my success and celebrate it with me when I eventually get there. Some select family, my best friends, my partner (when that happens)…

When I started trimming down my list and thinking about those haters and passive aggressive haters I’ve come across in the past, I wondered how the hell I was going to determine who was worth sharing my goals with. It came down to this – who do I want to share my future with?

So here’s the bottom line…I’m sharing my GIVE UP goals with everyone (haters included), but I’m going to be more cautious about sharing my aspirations and dreams, because it shouldn’t matter who I am and where I’m from, my dreams will always be valid.

At the end of the day, haters just want what you’ve got! I ain’t giving them the satisfaction in knowing anything let alone stealing my dreams.


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