Zara’s Shoes, Not Helping My Shoe Addiction

OMG! I just had mini heart palpitations checking out Zara’s shoes. In one word – ‘divine’! There’s no curing this gal’s shoe addiction…

Hands up, I’m constantly trawling my favourite online retail stores to find great pieces and the ultimate online bargain. Just yesterday I ordered the cutest new lingerie and the day before that a couple of ‘necessary’ work tops – hopefully they’re waiting for me patiently in my designated ‘safe place’ at home for my return back to the UK!

But anyone that knows me in the slightest knows my true weakness – it’s shoes (okay after chocolate and champagne), and this season Zara’s shoes aren’t disappointing.

My virtual baskets are always full of virtual shoes – it can become quite exhausting, but when I came across Zara’s shoes of the season I was floored – they’re all so cute, and I could already feel my mind doing the mental arithmetic quietly trying to figure out whether I can justify buying them…every girl needs multiple pairs of shoes for every occasion, right?

If Zara’s shoes could speak to me, they’d be surely screaming “Buy me, buy me!” Sandals, boots and heels, the array was breathtaking and it definitely got me excited (although when it comes to buying shoes and lingerie, it doesn’t take much).

So I guess I can automatically cross the sandals off the list (realistically, I’m not going to have anywhere to wear them…summer in the UK’s nearly over, unless someone takes me away for a long weekend escape abroad).

This current collection of shoes from Zara is probably its most experimental to date, and I couldn’t be more thrilled (the bank manager may be saying something different). Zara’s shoes at the moment are seriously catwalk worthy, and perfect for date nights (yippee!). Pointed, heels, velvet bows, sliders, and encrusted jewels…I’m drooling, which is probably a good indicator that I need to get on to my business idea to generate that much-needed cash to snap up multiple pairs of Zara’s shoes and beyond…some things will never change!


It’s like these cute Zara shoes were made for me! I can safely say I don’t have a pair of Slogan Shoes, YET!
Holy Princess Shoes – These bejewelled kitten heels are gorgeous! Where could I wear these to?
I may already have this style (in numerous colors), but how cool is the blue and black contrast on these slingback kitten heels?
Fishnet Court Shoes may sound like an odd combination, but this Zara shoe is sex on a heel!
Purple, frills and heels…an elegant combination. I adore these Zara shoes with leather ruffles.
I’ve just discovered the perfect shoes for work – Bows and kitten heels make for the ideal Zara shoe for teaching!
Ombre sequinned shoes in pink – princess shoe dreams number two!

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